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Big Red SEO was created by a husband and wife team with the dream of helping others work smarter not harder. This philosophy has helped us build an active community of fellow entrepreneurs and business owners throughout the United States.

Ethics, Education, and Enthusiasm are the cornerstones of Big Red SEO.

With every communication we have, and every project we work on, we are passionate from start to finish.

We are proud that we’ve established a reputation where our fans, supporters, and clients feel confident connecting us to who they know. We take pride in being able to walk through our doors on a daily basis as well as live our dream of being a passionate, kick-ass, effective Web Design & SEO team.

We have a belief that business owners wish to gather information and make a sound decision without feeling pushed to buy today or buy at all.  Give us a call and experience our non-sales approach in everything we do!

Call and experience our non-sales approach in everything we do!

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Climb Your Way To SEO Success

SEO Services

With SEO being our primary service offered, we can help you grow your online presence locally and nationally. Do you have a seasonal product or service? We can help with that too!


Web Design

Our team can assist with a new website, a redesign or a conversion to WordPress. Need an eCommerce store? We can help there too!



Curious to see where your website or competitors rank in the search engines? Want a second opinion on what end users think of your design? Our advanced audits are an ideal solution.


Website Maintenance

There’s nothing worse than finding out your website was hacked or plugins are out of date. Our website maintenance program can help you!



Are you attempting to do SEO yourself and need some expert help? Our customized consulting services can benefit individuals, companies and marketing teams with any budget size.



Our team can teach you how to set goals, identify your ideal target market, track your online presence and much more.

Who We Are

If we had to sum up our philosophy and work at Big Red SEO in three words, we would choose authentic, passionate, and empowering. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is in our blood, and since it’s featured in our business name, you can be assured that it’s our specialty.

We are an Omaha SEO Company with a storefront office on 108th Street (between Q Street and L Street). We work directly with local companies to improve their Omaha SEO visibility with both local and national campaigns.  Along with our SEO services, we also offer Web Design Services with a mix of Adwords and PPC when needed.

At Big Red SEO, we were performing SEO and online marketing for clients before it became a term that so many are familiar with now. Our brains are wired to research how a customer finds a product or service. We realize that when it comes to digital marketing in particular, there are many different strategies, personalities, and outcomes.

Our goal is to learn about your business and become an extension of your business. We are quite happy doing the work and let you get the credit or teaching your team for the future.

We strive to create long-standing partnerships, and we have been fortunate to have clients that feel the same. Unlike most SEO and website design companies, we love meeting face-to-face at our Omaha office, answering phone calls and responding to emails in a timely manner.

At Big Red SEO, we believe you should focus on your passions and for us, that is SEO and website design.

What We Are Not

We are not a one-stop shop for everything marketing!

While we have been asked to take on social media, video, print, and email campaigns, by clients and prospects, it’s simply not what we love, nor is it what drives us. Instead, we thrive in performing SEO and website design services, being the expert in a field we know and love. We realize that there is more to marketing than SEO, and being the proactive people we are, we’ve sought out some amazing partnerships with other individuals and companies that can perform the tasks we do not.

Why Choose Big Red SEO

We realize you don’t know what you don’t know until you know it. Ethics, education, and communication are the three cornerstones of our business, and we thrive as a business because we are open and honest while standing behind our word. We are technical SEO experts with a gift of being able to break down our terminology into a language, scenario or analogy that you can understand.

Our mission is to build a legacy surrounded by like-minded people who are eager to grow their business through an online presence. If you’re that company, give us a shout. The first call is always free and typically stacked with enough information to keep you busy for the next 24-48 hours!

``There is so much talent and drive behind Big Red SEO. They have helped out with our website on more than one occasion. They are always there with ideas, concerns, and the solutions to these issues. Big Red SEO did an amazing job keeping up to date on new changes and challenges with the ever-changing SEO world. My hat goes off to them for their compassion, drive, and experience!``
``Such talented, experienced individuals! My website is beautiful AND functional, and was created extremely efficiently. They are very responsive, making the process easy and stress-free for me. I couldn't have had a better experience.``
Vanessa G.
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