Google My Business Audit - Episode 95
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3 Live Audits Of GMB Profiles (Google My Business)

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    Google My Business is often underperforming for many people, but it’s usually because not all the features are being used to take full advantage of it.

    In today’s video, we will be reviewing three different Google My Business profiles and seeing what is an issue, what can be updated for better exposure, and what is being done really well.

    We perform these live reviewed from time to time on our Facebook Live, so if you’d like to be included on an upcoming live video, please contact us and let us know! 

    In the mean time, follow along with the video, or use the handy skip points below so you can jump between sections of the video as needed.  There’s always something to learn, so we recommend watching the full video!

    • 1:58 – Facebook Producer, the new Facebook Live features are awesome (for everyone else). They seem to cause problems for us 🙂
    • 3:55 – Google My Business Listing – Live Audits on the fly —- and it crashes the live stream!
    • 5:30and we’re back – black screen and live broadcast timed out. So what is Google My Business for?
    • 7:30 – I have a google listing, but don’t have a physical listing. Can I use it? If you use Google Maps, you must have a physical store/address (not a house)
    • 10:08 – We love to report places that don’t follow the rules. Many SEO companies will do that too. More than 4 million fake addresses were removed by Google in 2019
    • 12:30 – To get on Google maps you must have a physical space, and must be staffed by you or your company (not office share staff or virtual offices)
    • 14:44 – Make sure your business is verified with Google My Business (GMB). Address, name and phone must match exactly the same.
    • 16:30 – Stats from Bright Local for those that have GMB (4,000 businesses surveyed) – 56% searches took action. 60% received 100 calls or more.

    Live Review of Viewer's GMB Listing

    • 18:40 – Start of Live Google My Business Review
    • 20:30 – If you’re located somewhere and you service nationwide (or send products everywhere), it’s still good to mention where you’re located – even in the description
    • 21:30 – Google Reviews are a very important factor when showing for SEO
    • 22:20 – New feature in Google Posts is that you can now upload multiple photos to a single post
    • 23:20 – Add more images regularly. Upload a new one each month. Remove old ones if they’re no longer relevant.
    • 24:45 – The more you update, the more it shows you have an interest in your business (both for users and Google)
    • 25:27 – How often should you update Google Posts? Treat them like a blog – once per week minimum.
    • 28:15 – Live Stream goes blank again – we’re on a 30-minute timer on things 🙂 But hang in there, we come right back!
    • 29:15 – Repurpose content. Reuse your blog posts and videos in your Google Posts, Tweets, and Facebook Listings
    • 30:15 – Avoid the social media shotgun approach (sending the same thing to multiple social media profiles/platforms)

    Second Review of Viewer's Google My Business

    • 31:15 – Another review for a viewer
    • 32:00 – A number of places integrate with Google’s Business page such as MindBody or Wait Table booking places
    • 32:30 – Frequently Asked Questions – You can ask and answer those questions for clients, do it in stages
    • 34:20 – Images and covers are important, but pay attention to the size of images so they don’t get cut off (1080×810 is a Google Post Image size)
    • is an awesome tool to remove image backgrounds on people and products (and now also on videos)

    Google My Business Review of Another View's Profile

    • 41:15 – Another review for a viewer, this time someone in Canada
    • 43:45 – Pay attention to the addresses between platforms. In this case, it was a different address for Facebook and GMB.
      Since this was a fishing charter place, maybe they have one address for the office and another for the marina. This can be added in GMB.
    • 45:45 – There are FAQs on the website, so just copy those into the GMB. Copy images and Videos (currently on the website, can be copied to GMB)
    • 47:40 – No Google Posts, but likely that’ll pick up during the season. You can post past adventures or sales notices about upcoming charters
    • 49:30 – Don’t produce stuff just to produce it. Make sure there’s a purpose behind it
    • 51:40 – Create a strategy and stick to it. Repurpose information when you can.

    Join Us Each Week For A New Facebook Live

    Every week, Conor & Kimberly have a Facebook Live that is open to everyone. We usually have a topic pre-planned, but we’re always open to new discussions during the broadcast! 

    If you have a topic that you’d like us to cover, drop us a note and we’ll do our best to get it added to the schedule!

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