Omaha SEO Experts shares 3 shocking SEO myths for small business
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3 SEO Industry Myths by Omaha SEO Experts

If you are new to the term “Search Engine Optimization” (SEO), welcome to the club! This year, more than the years past, people are turning to this three-letter acronym as their Internet business lifesaver. The days where you spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on print ads are slowly fading and technology is where it is going.

The SEO world is a big world that is ever-evolving. As Omaha SEO experts, we spend hours a week, if not a day, adapting to the new rules and algorithm changes in search engines like Google. Most of our time is utilized to help our clients get the top rankings to generate new business, in addition to teaching and educating our clients on the best approach regarding their target market.

Today, we wanted to share with you a few myths or areas to watch out for, from those who claim to be an “Omaha SEO Company”. We always say, “You don’t know what you don’t know until you know it.” This means that while you are not required to know what SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is in its full entirety, you do need to brush up on the basics. This will help you determine which Omaha SEO experts to work with, and ultimately know how to gauge their success.

Myth #1 the Secret Recipe in SEO!

First and foremost, know that SEO is not a special club or a cult. Omaha SEO experts try their hardest, like all professions, to keep their skills sharp to help their clients gain the best edge over their competition and ultimately grow. Several people claim to be an “SEO Expert” and will use the line, “I have the secret recipe” or “we have a direct line to Google”. This is downright bullshit! Yep, we should warn you that at Big Red SEO, we are very blunt and spend the majority of our time helping clients know the difference between the truth and straight out lies and false hope.

If someone is claiming to know the exact recipe for Search Engine Optimization that will guarantee results, they are not right. If someone states that they keep their skills sharp by learning the industry, then you are headed in the right direction.

Myth #2 SEO is a One-Time Shot!

when it comes to SEO you dont know what you dont know until you know it 1400x1400 1We literally shook our heads as we typed that header. We are often approached by companies looking for a secondary proposal and Omaha SEO experts in the running use this sales approach. SEO is a form of marketing, and like any other marketing, you have to continue your efforts to achieve a goal. Several SEO Companies in Omaha claim that Search Engine Optimization is a one-time shot and go for keywords that are the simplest to rank. You might be asking, “What’s wrong with that? If I am getting ranked that is what counts, right?” Yes and No.

Getting the highest rankings for a keyword will deliver a better chance of getting traffic to your website (i.e. company), however, if the word is never searched, you will never get clicks. Make sense? We have seen Omaha SEO experts target simple terms like ‘Ralston Chiropractor’ that yield a maximum of only 6 searches in a month. While they did get the chiropractor ranked #1, what good does a low-volume keyword deliver? And what if we told you that those six searches were the chiropractor performing the search themselves? Makes you think twice, right?

SEO is an ongoing activity. Some companies simply cannot fit ongoing Omaha SEO Services into their budget. This is OK. Something is better than nothing. We just advise you to watch out for those who claim that any form of Search Engine Optimization is a one-time shot because it definitely is not.

Myth #3 We Don’t Need Any Info from You to Perform an SEO Campaign!

In most cases, a company signs a contract, delivered payment, and then never heard from the SEO expert again, or at least not until the next invoice was due. This is downright horrible. While we believe that Omaha SEO does take time,  there is a lot of information that needs to be gathered at the beginning and middle of any SEO campaign. Each month that same process is then repeated for a recipe of success.

During a prospect meeting, we learn and understand your business needs, discuss what Omaha SEO services you are looking for, and help deliver a solution that will meet the expectations you have. The process does not stop there! Once you have signed a contract, we dive deeper into your industry by performing an extensive ‘keyword research’ report and deliver a plethora of information that at times can be overwhelming. Don’t worry, we have this process down to a science and in the end, you will know more about Omaha SEO than you ever thought possible.

The good news is that you are the industry expert of your industry. We use your knowledge as much as possible to ensure we are researching the correct information and content. If an Omaha SEO expert tells you, “We have it all handled and do not need any information from you“, you might want to ask yourself, “Would I want a hairstylist to change the oil in my car?”  It’s pretty much just like that!

How Our Omaha SEO Experts can Help!

If you have any questions regarding Search Engine Optimization, or if you would like our team to perform a website analysis for you, please feel free to contact us today! We are happy to help take your business to the next level with our Omaha SEO services.

Want to learn the newest information regarding the Big Red SEO team? Check out our Facebook page here.

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