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3 SEO Link Building Tips for Omaha Businesses

If you want the website for your Omaha business to rank well in Google, you need to care about link building. Even though Google’s algorithm is extremely complex, links are still at the core of how the company determines which websites will rank at the top of its results. The reason links are so important is they act as a type of vote. When one website links to another, it’s an indicator to Google that the first site is vouching for the second one.

Although the concept of links is fairly straightforward, anyone who has tried link building knows that it can be quite challenging. The reality of this subject is there’s no magic shortcut that can be taken to attract lots of quality links. That being said, there are best practices that Omaha businesses can follow in regards to link building, which is what we want to cover now:

Make Blogging a Priority

There are two key reasons that any business that wants to rank well in Google should make blogging a priority. The first is that a blog provides the ideal outlet for writing content that others may want to link to from their own website. By focusing on creating posts that are informative and provide value to readers, you can maximize your chances of attracting inbound links.

The second reason that blogging plays an important role in an overall SEO strategy is it allows you to target a wide range of keywords. If an Omaha business website only has a few pages on it, the odds of it bringing in a significant amount of traffic from Google are slim. By adding more posts on a consistent basis, a site can build up a large base of content that will perform well in Google’s results.

Avoid Using the Same Anchor Text

While there are plenty of approaches to link building that are within Google’s guidelines, other strategies fall into the category of spam. One of the most common traits of link building spam is using the exact same keyword phrase as anchor text. If you want to avoid triggering a penalty, be sure that the anchor text in the links you get is a mix of your company name, keywords and other relevant terms. Ideally, you don’t’ want to define the link text at all, and let the place that is publishing your content determine what text they want to link.

Don’t Forget to Link Internally

Links from one page of your website to another don’t carry as much weight as a link from another website. That being said, they can still help with your rankings. Another reason that internal linking is important is it makes it possible to get website visitors to the pages where they are most likely to buy from your Omaha business.

Quality over Quantity

The quality of a backlink link is one of the biggest items that you have to determine. Receiving one or two links from industry related professionals has a lot more impact than 100 links from random people. Generally, if you have to purchase links, they’re going to be of a low value or what we consider a low quality link.

Get Link Building Guidance from Big Red SEO: (402) 522-6468

When done correctly, link building and SEO can help Omaha business websites tremendously. If you’re ready to start increasing the amount of targeted traffic that your website receives, Big Red SEO can help. Get in touch with us today by calling (402) 522-6468.

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