3 Things We Learned As Business Owners - Facebook Live
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3 Things We Learned As Business Owners

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    There are so many different things that we learned over the years running a business, it’s hard to sum it up in one or two items. None the less, we took a stab at it.

    Having run our SEO and WordPress Web Design company over the past 10 years, we’ve evolved the business in many different ways. We went from 2 people to 7 people, we tried outsourcing overflow designs with programmers and designers, and we ultimately found that we lost our passion for business.

    With several massive burnouts, undercharging for projects, and employing too much staff for what we needed, we decided to go back to our roots, and reengage the reason we started the business in the first place. This lead to us focusing on building the business with two people (husband and wife) and actually operating at a higher level today with a higher work volume and satisfaction rate than ever before.

    Our story is unique, but there are parts that all business owners can align with. Click the image below and watch the video on the “Three Things We Learned As Business Owners” and maybe it’ll help you avoid, or recognize, some of the pitfalls with your business.

    Here’s a quick highlight of some sections in the video so you can bounce around;

    00:00 There are so many things we learned over the years, it’s hard to pick 1 or 2
    01:58 New video feature – zoom in camera 😉 Kim is not impressed.
    03:00 Too Focused -(twa,twi,twe) here’s the video link: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=285254332724852
    05:00 We’re testing “Watch Parties” in Facebook also
    06:30 Kim’s #1 Thing She Learned In Business – “She is not her business”
    10:45 Be present in your life. Take Breaks. (#2 on Conor’s List)
    12:20 Conor’s #1 Thing – “I’d rather do nothing than sell my soul”
    13:40 This was a hard lesson to learn – We had the opportunity to work on businesses that didn’t align with us
    15:45 “It’s just business, nothing personal” – it’s not 100% accurate all the time
    16:46 Rejecting business due to price/our worth – it’s perfectly acceptable.
    18:47 All 3 things have been covered by Conor – here’s a recap
    20:10 “If my business fails, my life isn’t going to fail” – Kim
    20:46 Kim’s #2 – Systems Are My Friend (so long to learn this)
    24:26 Kim’s #3 – It’s OK to be paid what you’re worth (value)

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