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4 Reasons Organic Search Traffic Is The Best Choice Over Paid Ads

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    We understand that running a business and managing your finances can be difficult. Keeping your costs down while ensuring that you provide the best possible results for your clients and maintain your quality standards can be a constant challenge. When it comes to marketing your business online, investing your time and energy in improving your organic SEO efforts can help you to save money while driving more organic search traffic to your website.

    Not only is organic search traffic essentially free, but it wins out over other traffic generators, driving 51% of all website traffic for B2B (business to business) and B2C (business to commercial) businesses alike. Optimizing your WordPress website design and content for keywords relevant to your business will help you climb the search rankings and put more eyes on your brand.

    Bringing traffic to your website using paid advertising and social media websites can be effective; however, it will not be cheap. Another downside is that these platforms seem to change the rules on what you can and can’t do for exposure more frequently.

    Focusing on your website’s organic SEO will allow you to stay in control of your online presence and drive more organic search traffic to your WordPress website that won’t continue to cost you money.

    Let’s look at four reasons focusing on your SEO and increasing organic search traffic to your website is always the best choice for your business.

    1. Long-Term Sustainability

    At Big Red SEO, we believe in taking a long-term sustainable approach to traffic generation. Paid advertising requires you to constantly invest money, maintain your campaigns and manipulate your strategy to meet changes in the market. Not to mention the time and energy required to stay up-to-date training wise with all the new enhancements to fully understand the paid advertising platform you decide to utilize. It’s a reality that as soon as you stop investing money in paid advertising, your momentum will come to a crashing halt, and your traffic will nose-dive.

    Investing in organic SEO, on the other hand, will ensure that you get long-lasting results. It might take a little more time for your organic SEO efforts to gain traction. Still, once you establish your WordPress website in the search rankings, your traffic will begin to increase, and, more importantly, it can stay relatively consistent with minimal work required after that.

    2. Much More Cost-Effective

    Requiring regular investment, paid advertising is expensive. Depending on what industry you are in, the price of a click in a CPC (Cost Per Click) campaign can easily exceed $15 per click. When you consider that the click alone is just a website visit and not a guaranteed conversion, it is a costly solution that is not always viable for small business owners.

    With effective SEO strategies, even bootstrapping startups can help their business WordPress website perform better in search results. 

    There are several free resources online that you can spend time researching to learn the basic principles of SEO and make changes to your website for free. Please pay attention to the article or video publish date. Many things change over the years, but people often forget to update or remove outdated articles and techniques.

    For businesses ready to invest in a solid SEO plan, an SEO consultant like us can help take your SEO to new heights and start driving more traffic to your WordPress website. Whether you choose to DIY or use an experienced organic SEO agency, implementing an SEO strategy is much more cost-effective than paid advertising, and the results will stand the test of time.

    3. High-Quality Traffic

    The quality of the traffic to your website is essential. Anyone can drive visits to your website, but if you’re selling shirts and they’re looking for dog bowls, the traffic is useless. You want people coming to your website who will convert to customers and be motivated to buy, or at least to be informed. When users enter a search term, they have a particular intent, and they are looking for the search results to satisfy that intent. Using the right keywords in your organic SEO campaign, you can ensure that you attract the right type of traffic to your WordPress website.

    For example, if you are an online electrical retailer, you might target keywords such as “buy TV” or “laptop price.” When users are searching for terms like this, they are typically looking to make a purchase. If they were looking for information about these items, they would be more inclined to use search terms such as “How to choose a TV” or “What to look for in a laptop.” Knowing the user’s intent will determine what kind of content they’re looking to see when they land on the website.

    With effective SEO strategies, even bootstrapping startups can help their business WordPress website perform better in search results. 1400x1400

    4. Gain A Competitive Edge

    Nowadays, business owners need to ensure that they take every opportunity to get one up on the competition. With more small businesses entering the market, you need to have an effective organic SEO strategy if you want to establish your brand.

    Savvy business owners are already investing in increasing their organic search traffic through SEO, targeting high-value keywords, and securing their position in the search rankings.

    If you serve clients at your physical location, you should also optimize your Google My Business (GMB) page. Gaining a “Local Pack” position will help secure your position at the top of the search engine results pages and give you one extra step over the competition.

    The more times your business can show in a results page, the more likely your business is one the people will click on and visit.

    Start Taking Advantage Of Organic Search Traffic

    To implement an organic SEO strategy that will drive more high-quality traffic and deliver long-term results, be sure to contact us today. With the help of Kim and Conor, you can finally focus on your SEO with confidence and stop spending so much on paid advertising each month.

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