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4 SEO Changes You Can Make Today for Big Results

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    Omaha SEO_Big Red SEOAt Big Red SEO, we help clients in all different stages of building and marketing their online presences. While every stage has its own unique set of challenges, there are certain search engine optimization (SEO) changes that are always useful to make. Whether you’re just getting your Omaha business website off the ground or are looking to increase the already steady stream of traffic you’re receiving from Search Engines (Google, Yahoo! or Bing), these four SEO changes can help you get big results:

    Prioritize 100% Unique and Useful Content

    In terms of SEO basics, unique and useful content has stood the test of time. Although countless websites have tried to find shortcuts over the years, Google has always responded with changes to their algorithm. While content has remained king, the most important caveat to that rule is that quality always trumps quantity. At Big Red SEO, we know that it takes hard work to consistently produce stellar content. Making this strategy a top priority and staying committed will help you increase targeted search engine traffic. Best of all, not taking content shortcuts means you will not have to constantly worry about any SEO changes causing your traffic to drop or site to get penalized by Google.

    Enhance Content with Click-Worthy Titles and Meta Descriptions

    If your site already has a good amount of content but it’s not generating as much traffic as you’d like, optimizing the titles and meta descriptions can help your content live up to its potential. Specifically, you want to write great titles and meta descriptions that instantly grab searcher’s attention. This strategy is the best way to stand out when people see your site listed in Google with a set of nine other results.

    Properly Optimize URLs

    Do the URLs for your pages and posts only contain numbers or are extremely long? If so, your Omaha business is missing out on an SEO opportunity. By changing your URLs to be descriptive and include relevant keywords, you can help Google better understand your site’s content. Just keep in mind that since this change is quite technical in nature, enlisting the help of a local SEO company is the best way to avoid making a costly mistake.

    Ensure You Have a Consistent Omaha Name, Address & Phone Number (NAP) Online

    From Yelp to Citysearch to MerchantCircle, there are a lot of online business directories. It’s important to know that Google uses the information in these directories to confirm that businesses are real and have a physical presence in Omaha. We cannot stress enough that it’s critical to ensure that every listing for your business has the exact same name, address and phone number. If you company has recently dropped in the rankings or disappeared, it’s recommended to check out your NAP results.

    Putting All the SEO Changes Together

    After you implement one or more of these changes, how do you know what kind of impact they have? In order to improve your website, you have to be able to measure its traffic and other data. That’s why it’s so important to not only use tools like Google Analytics, but to be sure that all settings are properly configured to provide accurate tracking.

    If you need help with any of the changes we covered, properly tracking progress through analytics or any other SEO changes, please give Big Red SEO a call at (402) 522-6468 to discuss your needs.

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