5 tips to help your e-commerce store get more traffic
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5 SEO Tips For More Traffic To E-commerce Stores

With more and more e-commerce businesses entering the online space, paid advertising is becoming increasingly expensive. In particular, Product Listing Ads are used a lot by e-commerce stores, and, as a result of their prevalent use, these types of ads become more costly by the day. But wait! Big Red SEO is here to tell you that there is a better way!

Use search engine optimization. With SEO, you can put proven strategies in place to help drive more traffic to your website. SEO is proven to continually send more traffic and increase your visibility online moving forward. What’s more, while SEO is not a set-and-forget solution, it doesn’t require nearly as much of an ongoing investment as expensive paid advertising options.

For e-commerce stores, SEO has become a necessity. As the online marketplace becomes more crowded, it can be more difficult for your WordPress website or your products to be found. With the help of reputable SEO experts like us, you can develop a search engine optimization strategy that will assist your e-commerce site in climbing the search results. This will bring more shoppers to your online store, resulting in more sales over time.

Search engine optimization plays a crucial role in helping to get more traffic to your shopping cart website so you can establish a solid presence online and start building your brand.

Let’s look at a few helpful SEO tips you can use to drive more traffic to your e-commerce store.

TLDR Summary;

  • There is a better way to drive more traffic to your e-commerce store than pay per click
  • Product Listing Ads are becoming increasingly expensive by the day
  • Pay to play leads stop when you stop paying – organic SEO when done right continues to assist your rankings
  • SEO is a proven strategy for increasing your visibility and traffic
  • Reputable SEO experts can develop a strategy that will assist your e-commerce site in climbing the search results
  • The best way to get more shoppers to your online store is to structure your website with SEO in mind
  • Keyword research is as much of an art as it is a science, and you need to choose the right keywords for your product pages
  • Good design and content for product pages will help your store feature higher in the search results and gain more traffic
  • Copying from your competitors or suppliers won’t cut it
  • Create unique and compelling content and add meta descriptions and titles
  • To be successful in today’s crowded online space, investing in SEO services to help your e-commerce store succeed

Focus On Website Structure

With many different product pages and categories to consider, you need to ensure that you structure your e-commerce website with SEO in mind. Specifically, you need to pay close attention to your URLs and the Breadcrumb navigation. You’ve likely encountered Breadcrumb navigation before and just didn’t know what it was. Essentially, it’s the folder structure of your website. When you go to a store, you’ll see something like “Home > Category > Sub-Category > Products,” and each of those items are linked to other parts of the website. Breadcrumb navigation gets its name from the Brothers Grimm fairy tale “Hansel and Gretel”, in which the two characters leave a trail of breadcrumbs on a path so they can find their way out of the forest. Sometimes a website can be a massive forest of content, so this style of outline, in a nutshell, is breadcrumb navigation. Your URLs should be “clean,” meaning that they are easy for your visitors to read, which will not only please your customers but the search engines too. Breadcrumb navigation assists with site mapping and structure, helping to keep your site organized and making it easy for visitors to find their way.

Choose The “Right” E-Commerce Keywords for Better Rankings In The Search Engines

Beginning with a robust keyword foundation is critical for an effective SEO strategy. Optimizing your content using the correct keywords (i.e., the keywords that actually get traffic versus those that get zero to no traffic but you might believe are popular keywords to target) is essential in ensuring the success of your SEO efforts.

There are many keyword research tools that you can use, like UberSuggest; however, if you are new to the world of search engine optimization, you may want to consider hiring an expert to help you. Keyword research is as much of an art as it is a science. Exporting a list of keywords from a tool is only half the battle. With your keyword list in hand, you will also need to discern user intent and how the keyword phrase will be interpreted by the search engines.

At Big Red SEO, we have seen many e-commerce site owners spend far too much time finalizing their keywords strategies, throwing good money after no results, ultimately to the detriment of their business. Contact us about our SEO Keyword Audit to ensure you choose the right e-commerce keywords to get your SEO off to the best start possible.

Optimize Your Product Pages to Increase Online Exposure

Well-designed and optimized pages are vital to the success of an e-commerce store. These are the pages where shoppers will browse your products and inspect your offerings before choosing whether or not to purchase. There are areas that need to be evaluated, such as the text, the images, and even the location of those images and the buy button.

For this article, however, we’re going to stick with the text and content of the product pages.

To Get High In Search Engines & Gain Traffic, You Must Optimize Your Site Pages Correct

Copying product descriptions from your suppliers or competitor’s websites just won’t cut it! You need unique, compelling content that is written with the distinct purpose of converting visitors to buyers. Be sure to include H1 & H2 headings in your content, add meta titles and descriptions, and optimize your content for your target keywords. Following these basic SEO principles can have a significant impact on your placement in the search engine results pages.

Provide A Seamless Mobile Experience For Users

With more shoppers accessing their favorite e-commerce stores via mobile, you need to ensure that your WordPress website provides a seamless user experience. Websites that are designed to be viewed on multiple devices are encouraged by Google. In fact, in 2015, Google rolled out mobile-first indexing (completed in 2023), stating that the mobile version of a website is the primary source for indexing and ranking purposes. With this in mind, the mobile version of your website is crucial to how Google views your website and, therefore, how your e-commerce store performs in the search results.

Kim Treacy, SEO Expert chats out ways to increase traffic for e-commerce store

Improve Your Website Speed

Google has stated that website speed is now a direct ranking factor. Google has even released the Google PageSpeed Insights tool to help website owners identify areas of their websites that are slowing down performance.

Since e-commerce websites are often image-heavy, and they have many content or product pages, you need to ensure that you are using a hosting company that can meet your needs. (need a tool for optimizing images on your website? Use one of our favorite tools; ShortPixel)

Having a fast website is vital for SEO and is also required to provide a seamless user experience. After all, if your WordPress website is slow and unresponsive, you can be sure that shoppers will seek your offerings elsewhere.

Drive More Traffic To Your E-Commerce Store With Effective SEO

Having an effective marketing strategy in place is essential for your e-commerce store to succeed in today’s crowded online space. Instead of pumping money into paid advertising that will stop being effective when you stop spending, why not focus on a long-term sustainable solution?

Targeted search engine optimization services will continue driving traffic to your website. At Big Red SEO, we can help you develop an SEO strategy tailored to the specific needs of your e-commerce business to increase organic traffic to your website and boost your sales. To find out how we can assist your e-commerce store in succeeding, simply contact our friendly team today!

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