Big Red SEO: 5 Books Every Business Owner Should Read

Big Red SEO 5 Must Read BooksFor most business owners, reading is something you used to do the night before a big test back in college. Managing a business isn’t easy, and time doesn’t grow on trees. There’s always something that needs your attention more than a good book. Even a really good book.

But, while Big Red SEO can certainly empathize with a busy schedule, there are some books that every business owner should really read. At Big Red SEO, we highly encourage you to make time for each of the books you’ll find listed below. Each of these has the potential to improve your business and change your life. Literally. Even if it takes you the rest of the year to get through this list, make it happen.

1. Influence by Robert Cialdini

One of Big Red SEO’s favorites is  The Four P’s of Motivational Copywriting, as a must-read on the art of persuasion. This marketing classic has been around since well before  the Internet, but the lessons it teaches apply now more than ever. Call it old school sales psychology 101. If you’ve ever wanted to close more sales, make your product or service more appealing, or make more money from your business, then you’ll get something out of this book. Learn more about Influence by Robert Cialdini here.

2. Purple Cow by Seth Godin

Another marketing classic, albeit written much more recently, Purple Cow is a primer on marketing in a post-TV world. In 2002, Seth Godin made many predictions about how marketing should be done in this generation, and ten years later every single one of them stands true. This is a book about innovation, positioning, branding, beating the competition and so much more. It teaches you how to connect with fans and spread your business through an ad-immune society. There’s no telling how much you’ll get out of Purple Cow, except that it will definitely be a lot.

3. The Four-Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris

While the first two books focus primarily on marketing, The Four-Hour Work Week is a guide to being a business owner. Throughout the book, Tim Ferris teaches you how to maintain the right mindset as the person in charge of your business. More specifically, you’ll learn about automating your business to maximize your time.

4. Focus by Jurgen Wolff

Similar to The Four-Hour Work Week, Focus is about time management and making the most of every day. Call it productivity, life hacks, self-development – whatever – this book teaches you how to be a more efficient person. From basics like the Pareto Principle and SMART Goals to more complicated stuff like managing a team and dealing with deadlines, this book will teach you how to make more time in every day to always finish your to-do list.

5. Outliers by Malcom Gladwell

Last but not least, we have a motivational book on what it takes to be successful. In Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell looks at successful people in every walk of life – from athletes to business owners – in order to teach you what each one of them has in common. If you’ve ever been discouraged, burnt out or just plain tired of being a business owner, this book is exactly the fuel to re-light a passion for success.

While we’ve listed these books in order of which ones we personally liked the most, feel free to read them in any order. If you’re currently feeling pretty burnt out, for example, then go ahead and start with Outliers. If you want something you can directly apply to your life right now, start with Focus. And if you want to understand more about branding or positioning, start with Purple Cow. You get the picture.

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Big Red SEO hopes that you take our advice and read each one of these books seriously. We promise you’ll thank us when you’re done. And for some more good reading, continue browsing our blog. Whatever you do, keep learning. Always. It’s how you stay above the competition. If you have any questions, feel free to fill out our contact form. We would love to hear from you.

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