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5 Ways a New Website Design Can Help Your Business

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    Although a great new website design can provide an excellent ROI, it’s still an investment for an Omaha business to make. As a result, most businesses need at least a handful of compelling reasons to move forward with this decision. If your business has been looking into the possibility of investing in a new website design, here are five specific ways it will help your business:

    1. Enable Potential Customers to Find Exactly What They Want

    When a visitor comes to your website, it’s important that they can easily find what they’re looking for. Visitors to your Omaha business website need to have a great experience regardless of the specific device they’re using. By investing in a new website design that features responsive technology, you will be able to provide a great experience to potential customers across all devices and screen sizes.

    2. A More Efficient Way to Handle Online Marketing

    One of the keys to finding success with online marketing is publishing new content on a regular basis. That content can take the form of new blog posts or website pages. The problem with many older designs is they make it difficult to publish new content. But with a new website design, you can get a content management system for your website that will allow anyone within your business to publish new content in just a few clicks.

    3. Increase Traffic from Search Engines

    Google’s algorithm specifically rewards sites with responsive designs in its mobile search results. The algorithm also favors websites that publish new content on a consistent basis. With a new site design, you’ll be able to accomplish both of those things. Doing so will lead to your site ranking better and receiving more traffic from Google and Bing.

    4. Save on Overall Web Design and Development Costs

    It’s fairly common for older designs to have issues that break a site and require professionals to fix. Having an older design also means that trying to make the site work on mobile requires a considerable amount of additional effort. Both of those issues are examples of why a new responsive design that works across all screen sizes and is easy to update will actually help save your Omaha business money.

    5. Generate More Leads or Customers

    Last but certainly not least, thanks to all the benefits of a new website design, making the decision to move forward with one will result in your website generating more leads or customers for your business. The ability to focus the entire new design around converting visitors into leads or customers is why this type of project does offer such a great ROI.

    Big Red SEO Will Create a Great New Website Design for Your Business: (402) 522-6468

    While a new website design can do a lot for your Omaha business, the design needs to be created and implemented correctly. If you’re looking for a team that you can count on to get things right, Big Red SEO is the local Omaha partner you need. We have extensive experience helping businesses create and launch amazing new website designs.

    To learn more about our process and get answers to any questions you have, please call our office at (402) 522-6468.

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