5 Ways to Spot the SEO Frauds

SEO Frauds_Big Red SEOSome people may try to tell you SEO is a myth. While SEO is NOT a myth in itself, many myths have developed around the SEO process, mostly started by people that will try to con you into thinking they know what they’re talking about. SEO is in fact a needed service if you realize no one is coming to your site, and you will likely see a difference when services are performed. Our SEO and content creation experts at Big Red SEO want to give you a list of warning signs to watch for when talking to disreputable SEO companies.

Warning Sign #1: If you register, your site will improve your ranking

If an SEO company tells you they can improve your rankings by registering your site with the search engines, then turn around and walk away. This is not true. You can verify your site for free through Google Webmaster Tools and it will tell you potential problems within your site. But the rankings are dependent on new and quality content, as well as good links.

Warning Sign # 2: They tell you registering your site is long and complicated

Registering your site is not hard. You could not register your site at all and your site could still be ranked high. However, it is probably a good idea anyway. Also, if they tell you they have to submit your site monthly that is also untrue! Google crawls sites by itself on a regular basis if the quality links and updated content are there.

Warning Sign # 3: No real people to talk to

If you get a call from an automated voice message system from an SEO company, DO NOT return the call. They cannot help you, they don’t even have real people making the phone calls. Their website contains no real information and the phone number is a 1-800 number. This screams SCAM! Our SEO team at Big Red SEO begs you not to fall for it. There are other ways and other companies that do real work, like us!

Warning Sign #4: We will get you ranked for all 200+ search engines

This marketing ploy may sound great, but only three search engines really matter; Google, Bing, and Yahoo! The others are simply not important. Be wary if they tell you things such as “your site is search engine ready.” ALL websites are search engine ready whether you want them to be or not. They will find your website and crawl it, but if you aren’t putting out new content on that website, the crawlers won’t come back.

Warning Sign # 5: An unsolicited email

Do you get unsolicited emails from SEO companies? This may get you thinking about whether you need SEO or not, but don’t reply to that email. The all -powerful Google even advises against falling into this SEO trap. This is a desperate attempt on their part to get business fast.

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