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6 Tips for Streamlining Your Content Creation Process

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    Simplify ReminderThe great ones always make it look easy, but streamlining any process takes a lot of hard work, and content creation is no exception. You have to have a plan in place that involves discipline, strategy, and proactivity. It’s a lot of work, but once you have it down, you’ll see the results you’re looking for. See below for several tips we recommend streamlining your content creation process. 

    1. Have a Thorough Outline for Your Process

    It is imperative to have a strong outline of what you want your content to accomplish. You don’t want to be wishy-washy when you are steadily posting and promoting online. There needs to be a purpose behind the articles and images that make up a website. Lay out the major goals you want your content to achieve in the outline, and then break those goals down one by one, until you have a solution on how to move forward.

    2. Have a Regular Posting Schedule and Routine

    If you post on Tuesdays at noon, then always stick to that. People want you to be reliable, and by having a regular schedule you won’t have to think about how long it’s been since you last got something out there. Plus, when you are posting on a regular basis, you are in the know of what is going on with current events, so the content won’t be stale.

    3. Use a White Board

    You can have an online calendar, but for some reason it is just not the same as having a giant white board that has your to do list and deadlines written on it. Having this in your office can be a useful tool to remind you of what you need to do, and the best way to organize your time.

    4. Have Incentives

    You can be more productive and focused when you reward yourself for a job well done. Put a free day on the calendar and take yourself out for drinks or binge watch an entire season of your favorite show, but only if you get everything accomplished that you set out to. Don’t do it all the time, but doing it every now and then will give you something to work towards.

    5. Turn Everything Off When Working

    This is a great way to ensure you are putting out good content. By scheduling time daily to be 100% focused on your creative content, you will be more focused and productive. Basically, you are holding yourself hostage for this amount of time. No cell phone, leave your emails until later and don’t be in a public place. This is a time for you, and you alone, to knock out some serious work, or stare at the wall until you do.

    6. Take Breaks

    This is not like incentives. These are fifteen to twenty minute breaks throughout your workday. The goal is to find something to take your mind off your work for a moment, and can get you back on track pretty quick. Activities like jumping up and down, crunches, starting the dishwasher or playing with the dog can be a welcome break from your work area. Just step outside ever hour or so and get some fresh air. It will do wonders for your mind and for helping with your content creation process.

    Bonus: Pass it On

    Streamlining your content creation process is great but wouldn’t it be even better to pass it on to an experienced, reliable service? At Big Red SEO, that’s exactly what we offer. Our team of talented writers produce unique content tailored around your requirements. Through our talented wordsmiths, we can help you increase your search rankings, tap into a new customer base and shine online. Give us a call today on (402) 522 6468.

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