7 Tips to Improve Landing Pages

Big Red SEO_Landing Pages OptimizationNot only does quality website design focus on how a site looks, but it also takes into account how a site is structured. That’s why a well-designed site should have dedicated landing pages that focus on specific goals like selling a product or service. Landing pages can also be used for other website conversion goals like getting a visitor to submit their email address.

Regardless of how a specific landing page is used, what’s most important is that it has one clearly defined goal. And in order for the page to maximize conversions, every element on it needs to support that goal. While that may sound simple enough, a large percentage of landing pages have issues that prevent them from being as effective as possible.

Because optimized landing pages are so effective at increasing website conversions for Omaha businesses, there are multiple tools that can be used to A/B test them. This term refers to testing two versions of a landing page to see which one yields the highest conversion rate. While A/B testing can be valuable, it requires a solid amount of traffic in order to yield viable results. So before resources are invested in doing the type of optimization that A/B testing offers, it’s important to ensure that all the basics have been addressed.

Whether you already have landing pages on your site or want to implement your first one, here’s are seven of the most important tips we use at Big Red SEO to create a foundation for this type of page:

Define the Exact Goal of a Landing Page

Although we already touched on the importance of this type of page having just one goal, it’s worth discussing again in detail. Prior to any design work being done, you need to identify the business goal that you have for a landing page. Depending on your specific business, the most common goals are to sell a product, sell a service, get a visitor to submit their email address or to get a visitor to submit multiple pieces of personal information (obtaining a free insurance quote is a good example).

By taking the time to define a page’s goal and then writing that goal down, it will be much easier to make the right decisions as you go through the other steps in the process.

Write a Compelling Headline and Tagline

Based on all of the data we’ve collected at Big Red SEO, we can’t emphasize the importance of this step enough. The goal of the headline is to grab visitors’ attention so they don’t simply click the back button. Achieving that goal is why the best headlines are those that can summarize the biggest benefit that the page has to offer in a single line.

Since the headline’s goal is to grab visitors’ attention, the tagline should reinforce and expand on the headline. By serving both of those purposes, this element will ensure visitors continue reading and scrolling down the page. Even though both the headline and tagline will be relatively short in length, it often takes quite a bit of brainstorming to nail down both. However, going through this process will greatly improve a page’s effectiveness, as well as clarify what needs to be emphasized throughout the rest of it.

Ensure the Call-to-Action (CTA) Stands Out

A button is the most common type of call-to-action element that’s used on landing pages. Not only should the button have text on it, but the text should be more compelling than the standard default of Submit. In addition to compelling text, this element should stand out from the rest of the page. The two best ways to make a CTA button stand out are with its size and color. By ensuring a button is big enough in size and has a color that doesn’t simply blend in with the rest of the page, you can be sure that it’s not missed as visitors are going through the page.

Consider Using Multiple CTA Buttons

Although a landing page should have a single goal, that doesn’t mean you have to limit this type of page to just one CTA button. Depending on the length of the page, it may make sense to include multiple buttons. Keep in mind that it’s fine if the buttons are exact copies of each other. The main reason that it can make sense to have multiple buttons is so people don’t have to do a bunch of scrolling once they’ve decide to take the page’s desired action.

Focus on Benefits

Whether a page is selling something or giving away a freebie in exchange for email addresses, it’s important for the page to explain all of the details of what’s being offered. But what you don’t want a page to do is only focus on features or technical specifications. Instead, the language used throughout the page should emphasize how a visitor will personally benefit from taking the page’s desired action. Focusing on this type of language is much more compelling than features and specs alone.

Include the Right Elements to Build Trust

Whether it’s a credit card trust seal below a checkout button or testimonials from existing clients, it’s important for a landing page to have elements that build trust. A page’s ability to build trust will have a significant impact on whether or not visitor’s take the desired action.

Review the Entire Landing Page for Clarity

Whether we’re creating a new landing page from scratch or revamping an existing page, the last step in the Big Red SEO process is to review the page in its entirety. The reason this is so important is because it’s the only way to ensure that the desired message of the page is crystal clear from beginning to end.

Get Professional Website Design Help with Your Landing Pages

As the above sections make clear, creating a great landing page takes a lot of work. If you want your Omaha business to reap the benefits that targeted landing pages have to offer but you simply don’t have time to go through this process for each one, we can help. Call Big Red SEO at (402) 522-6468 to talk in detail about how we can help craft the right landing pages for your specific business goals.

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