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7 Tools You Should be Using for Content Creation

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    content creation_Big Red SEO OmahaContent doesn’t just happen out of thin air. It develops over time with a lot of thought and precision put into the research, details, and execution. While writers have their own unique methods of organizing their thoughts and designing their web pages, there are a few tools out there designed to make life easier for you when it comes to content creation.

    1. Google Keyword Planner

    This is the good stuff because you can spend a long time brainstorming over keywords, and Google Keyword Planner gives you that time back so you can focus on other tasks. It does the research for you when it comes to those important words. Plus, you get stats on how that keyword has performed in the past, and you get a forecast of how it should perform in the future. This is incredibly easy to use, and an amazing time saver.

    2. Google Docs or Drop Box

    You can use Google Docs or Drop Box on all phones, tablets, and computers, which means, you can write, edit, and save your content everywhere you are. This is crucial when you are bursting with ideas and need to write them down fast. It’s a horrible feeling to have a great idea leave your head because you didn’t get it down fast enough.

    Perhaps you just have some time to kill waiting in line or stuck at the airport. This is the perfect time to access your work. You can get more tasks completed when the moment allows, and this will help your creative process.

    3. Canva

    The first word that may pop into your mind when you start using this is: Eureka! Canva is an amazing tool for people who love creating content, but who aren’t the greatest at web design. It gives you a clean and easy way to make your pages look like an expert made them. This is another time saver that is fun to work with and makes creating content a happy job.

    4. Storify

    This cool tool let’s you build stories visually and with easy to follow verbiage. You are able to get people involved with the pictures and captions, and if you are focusing a more on a journalistic style of writing, then this is a must.

    5. Editorially…or rather Vox Media

    This is an amazing tool whose goal is to keep readers and writers happy, and while they have recently been absorbed by Vox Media, the idea behind Editorially will remain strong. This means they will push the envelope even further when it comes to publishing content online. This is the one to watch because they haven’t let us down before.

    6. Evernote

    There are a few honorable mentions as well. Evernote is amazing and offers great features when it comes to organizing your thoughts. It’s a free tool that has upgrades available, of course you have to pay for those, but it’s totally worth it.

    7. Instapaper

    Resource keeps you in the know, no matter where you are. You can highlight articles and save the ones that make you happy, such as recipes and videos. There are many more great tools out there. It’s all about finding the right one for you that makes you more productive and organized.

    Bonus Tool: Big Red SEO

    Our team of experienced content writers here at Big Red SEO is of course the best tool you can be using for content creation. Thinking of titles, writing articles, formatting and takes a lot of time. This time could of course be better spent interacting with your customers and growing your business. Give us a call on (402) 522 6468 and see why other Omaha businesses are choosing Big Red SEO for their content requirements.

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