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AdWords Do Not Affect Your Organic Rankings – EVER!

We here at Big Red SEO in Omaha are all about debunking popular search engine optimization myths, and one of the most pervasive we’ve seen is the idea that a business’ participation in Google AdWords somehow helps its organic search engine rankings as well.

Just the other day a client of ours asked the question this way (we’re paraphrasing to protect the innocent here): “My organic rankings will go up if I use AdWords, right? I mean, Google is a business; they’ll scratch my back if I scratch theirs.”

We found this interesting for a few reasons–yes, Google is a business, but it’s positioned itself in the marketplace to be much more than that.

Our search engine optimization team at Big Red SEO will explain why this idea doesn’t hold water and we’ll also go into detail about why you’ll want to perform paid and organic SEO at the same time anyway.

Google’s Brand Depends on the Separation of Organic and Paid Search

Google is a role model and a referee. That’s why when Google slips up and breaks its own rules you’ll see it punish itself. For example: When Google launched Google Chrome, the marketing that was performed used thousands of backlinks to flood the search engine with the ultimate goal of moving the website up the rankings. The Google webspam team (a separate division of Google) penalized the Google Chrome team for breaking the terms of conditions of Google Spam Policy. Remember, each product of Google acts like its own entity.

When a business assumes that Google will reward them for purchasing AdWords, they’re making a mistake. Google has clearly outlined this in their Advertiser Guide. “AdWords advertising has no impact on your organic or natural ranking in the search results; the two are completely separate.”

Google has a clear separation of Ads versus Organic listings. Over the years the separation has gone from Ads being contained in a yellow box to a green tag with the word AD, black tags, and the current format of just the word “AD” next to the paid listings as seen below.

Adwords listings versus organic listings

Search Engine Optimization: Why Paid and Organic Go Together Anyway

That would seem to settle that. But that’s not the end of the story. Even though you can’t count on Google to give your business a leg up in the organic rankings just for using their AdWords product, there are definitely some good reasons to make use of paid and organic SEO techniques as part of the same strategy.

Even though paid and organic SEO marketing are separate systems, they’re like different sides of the same coin. Both work to increase the visibility of your business on Google, and having both working at once helps you reach your overall goals more easily.

For instance, consider the following scenario: your organic SEO efforts are going gangbusters and you’re in the top spot on Google for the keywords your customers frequently use to find your services. You’ve also spent the time to include photos of your business, reviews, NAP, and videos in your Google Local profile that also come up with your business listing. Along with this wealth of information, though, you’ve also spent time developing an effective AdWords campaign, so your business comes up in the top spot in AdWords listings as well!

In this situation, when someone searches for your services in their area, they see your business represented in a number of different places on the search engine results page. This helps to drive your brand awareness and makes your business look more authoritative to potential customers.

In short, by expanding your SEO marketing efforts to include both organic and paid search engine optimization, you can increase your visibility, which works to help potential customers associate your brand with the services they want, making your company the authority in your industry!

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At Big Red SEO in Omaha, we specialize in creating search engine optimization strategies that take full advantage of both paid and organic SEO. We understand that while the two sides are separate, they work toward the same overall goal, and when it comes to your business’s SEO marketing, it never hurts to strategize on multiple fronts at once.

If you have any questions about paid or organic SEO, give us a call at (402) 522-6468 or fill out our online contact form. We always love talking about search engine optimization and how it can help your business!


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