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Are Infographics Right for You?

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    questions_infographics right for youWe live in an age of pictures. They are easier for our eyes to take in and understand. Even when we put text out there, it is more successful if we have an image to pair it with. Infographics can appear to be complicated, but in reality it’s simplifying a way to introduce multiple ideas to you at one time by putting together a lot of information in one place. If this is something you’ve thought about for your website, here are a few reasons it could be a good idea for you.

    It’s Easy to Scan

    People are getting information at alarming rates, and there just isn’t time to sit down and read the amount of articles that are out there. We like scannable information and that isn’t something new. Infographics have become very popular recently. They allow us to break from the text paired with image technique, and mix it up by putting a lot more information in one image. This means we will get more out there, and it won’t take people as long to filter through it.

    You Can Reach a Much Larger Audience

    If your goal is to reach a lot of people and take your website to a more worldwide audience, infographics are a great way to do just that. They give you the advantage of being able to get your point across to visitors who don’t even speak your language. This is huge for traffic and promotion.

    You not Only get More Traffic, You Can go Viral

    It’s easier to go viral with something that is loaded with this much information, and it only takes a flash to understand it. It’s easier to share than text in that it requires a different kind of thought behind it. The mixture of image and information makes it a fun addition to social media. As the old adage goes “a picture is worth a thousand words”, using infographics gives people real value. Lots of useful information in an easy to understand format, that’s a recipe for going viral.

    You Want to Look More Like an Expert

    Using infographics gives you that expert appeal that many people look for when searching online. They don’t just want to read your data they want to see it. It’s getting harder to filter through all of the information out there and know what was posted by someone who is actually trained, or regurgitated by someone sitting at a desk. When you have a system for communicating the whole picture by using a combination of elements that come together as one, people will be more likely to pay attention.

    You Want Your Site to Have Substance

    If you want to offer more, inform more, and get better results from visitors and search engines, then you’ll want to use all of the techniques that are available. The clearer your point comes across and the easier you make it for the visitor to absorb information, the more substance your website will have. At the end of the day, this is what visitors want to see and what they are more likely to share.

    Infographics at Big Red SEO

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