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Beef Up Your Content Strategy with Omaha SEO

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    Omaha SEO_Big Red SEOWhen you’re new to business blogging, you may get a little discouraged when readers don’t immediately flock to your brilliant, industry-leading content. You may be taking shots in the dark as to topics to talk about, or you might have a well-planned blog strategy right out of the gate based on months of research (we here at Big Red SEO suggest the latter approach). Either way, though, it’s definitely disheartening to put a lot of time and capital into developing a blog to have your close friends be the only ones reading it!

    So what’s a new business blogger to do? Our Omaha SEO company will share some advice that’s worked for us and our clients–these are bits of wisdom we’ve discovered over the years that we can make work for your business, too!

    An Omaha SEO Blog Strategy Takes Time

    Just as with any aspect of search engine optimization, implementing a blog strategy and seeing results from it takes time. Just because something you’re doing doesn’t seem to be working right from the get-go, it’s generally better to stick with it for awhile than to drop it and start over again. It’s not uncommon in the Omaha SEO industry for a blog strategy to take 2 or 3 months to really get the traction you want.

    For those new business bloggers who are itchy for quicker results, there are a few things we’d recommend for you to do (keep in mind though these results are never going to be overnight!).

    1. Post More Often for Optimized Results

    A lot of new bloggers start off by posting once a week, and that’s great, but if you’re looking for quicker results from your blog strategy, our Omaha SEO company recommends upping that number to 2 or 3 times a week. Simply put, more activity on your website in the way of blog posts means more reason for increased traffic, social shares, and attention from the search engines.

    Posting more often, though, doesn’t mean that you can relax on the quality of what you write. Quality is always going to be better than quantity–it does you no good at all to post 5 blog articles a week if you’re rushing those posts out the door chock-full of grammatical errors and recycled ideas. Every post has to offer real value to your visitors, and that’s what will attract new readers and turn them into buyers.

    2. Look at How Things Get Shared

    Sure, you keep track of those posts that get shared more than others, and you may already be optimizing your other content to be more like them, but are you looking at how they’re shared?

    Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and every other social media platform operate very differently, so you should be looking at where your most popular posts are shared and optimize your content for those platforms. You can talk to our Omaha SEO company to figure out the social media platforms you should be targeting that make the most sense for your business.

    3. Email Your Personal Connections

    Here’s a little hack that might help you get your blog going. Everyone probably has about 5 personal contacts, whether they be people in adjacent industries, connections on LinkedIn or Twitter, or simply repeat customers who are excited to share what you do with their friends.

    You can take a little time to craft a personalized email to each of these people on your list (back off the salesy language!). Tell them about your new blog post, why you think they might be interested, and ask them to share it with their social networks if they like it. This personal touch can get you some much needed traction starting out!

    A word of caution: as mentioned above, try to stay away from sounding salesy to those who you’re asking for feedback or suggestions. More than likely those you contact are more than willing to help you. Also, do not bulk email people. The email you send should be personalized in order to have the effect you’re looking for (honest feedback with results). Changing just the name likely won’t cut it!

    Contact Our Omaha SEO Experts at (402) 522-6468!

    Our team at Big Red SEO hopes that these tips get you on the right track to develop and stick with the right content strategy to enhance your online presence. When you need help with all things search engine optimization, PPC, web design, and content creation, give our Omaha SEO team a call at (402) 522-6468!

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