Benefits and Changes of Google’s New Google+ Dashboard

Google+ Dashboard Omaha SEOGoogle’s new Dashboard release makes it easier now than ever for millions of businesses to manage their presence online across all of Google. Several businesses who currently use Google+ are already updating their store information with Maps and publishing invaluable video content on YouTube, among other Google platforms. The goal with Google’s new dashboard release is to make it easier for businesses to manage an online presence across all of Google. Below, Big Red SEO discusses the changes on the Dashboard.

The Current Use of Google+

Businesses can update their information, including store hours, phone numbers and website URLs, across Search, Google Maps and on Google+, right from the tools Overview tab. When used correctly, Google+ is a tool that essentially acts as a hub, offering businesses the ability to have everything they need at their fingertips. If you are looking to connect your social network accounts with other Google platforms, Google+ is the place to be.

The majority of businesses that use Google+ simply use it as a point of entry to verify, manage and edit their business listings. However, it is so much more than that. When used correctly, you can link your website to your Google+ Page, which helps drive traffic. This presents businesses with an excellent opportunity to connect with their visitors in an intimate way.

How Google+ has Evolved

With all the changes in Google lately, it can be a challenge understanding what Google offers local business owners. At times, users are questioning what tools should be applied for the best outcome. Basically, Google+ Dashboard is another of Google’s newest innovations that was designed to help Google+ Page managers and owners leverage their presence online. In a nutshell, Dashboard gives business owners the ability to monitor their Google+ notifications, like someone tagging your page in a photo, adding it to a circle or mentioning it in a post.

Additional Benefits of Google+

Google+ is not only to verify and manage your account, it also provides an analytics medium that helps local business owners discover how visitors find them. In addition to capturing traffic and behaviors of website visitors through Google Places, you can link your Adwords campaign to your Google+ Page. This ultimately helps a business determine how to promote their offers and provides a portal to the Adwords Express. If you prefer to keep it analytical and basic, you can just administer your visitors activities by using other tools from Google, such as Google Maps, search and daily deal offers.

More Managers can Oversee the Page

It is now possible to have multiple managers for your Google+ Page, which may be a good backup plan, as this allows multiple people to act on behalf of the page (without sharing your account information with them). Should you decide you don’t want to be the owner any longer, it is now possible to transfer ownership.

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