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The Best Type of Web Design in 2017 and Beyond

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    If a new business is looking to have a website built or an established business decides to update their website to mobile responsive, they may be overwhelmed by the number of different options that are available today. While the market is filled with different website styles and options, there’s one type of design that stands out above the rest.

    Why Responsive Web Design is the Right Choice for Businesses

    With the time, effort and investment to get a site designed or redesigned, you don’t want to start a website design to find that the design trend you chose is going to be out of date in a year. Instead, you want a strong foundation that can be updated over time but already has everything needed to look and function great for years to come.

    The way to accomplish that goal is with a responsive design. Of all the traits of responsive design, the one that’s most significant is the fact that this type of design can adapt to a screen of any size. With a responsive design, your Omaha business website will be optimized to look its best regardless of whether someone is looking at it on a small phone screen or a large desktop monitor.

    The reason why having a design that can adapt to different screen sizes is essential is because Internet activity is no longer confined to laptops and desktops. Since people now use all kinds of phones and tablets to get online, your site needs to work well on those varied devices. Otherwise, you’re going to miss out on a lot of new customers.

    In addition to adapting to different screen sizes, responsive web design is also a great way to ensure that a site loads quickly and has a layout that makes it easy for visitors to find what they want. By prioritizing speed and functionality, you can put your site in the best position to convert visitors into new leads or customers.

    5 Features to Include on Your Responsive Business Website

    While responsive design is very powerful, it is just a tool. Since there are many different types of responsive designs that can be created, we want to take a little time to cover the essential elements that an Omaha business website should contain:

    1. A Clear Headline

    In terms of web design mistakes that Omaha businesses make, one of the most common is forgetting to clearly define the goal of the website. Although there’s no question that a business website needs to look nice, that’s just one component of the design process. Because the site needs to help the business, it should have a goal like converting visitors into leads or customers.

    One feature that can make a website more effective at converting visitors is a clear headline. The headline on the main page of the site should clearly define what makes the business unique and interesting to visitors. While a headline is a fairly simple feature to include, having the right one can be very effective.

    2. Relevant Images

    You don’t want your business website to prominently feature cheesy stock photos. You also don’t want it to be packed with so many images that it slows down your site. What you do want is to use relevant and quality images to grab people’s attention. When used the right way, images can help visitors really connect with a business website.

    3. Intuitive Navigation

    With certain areas of web design, it makes sense to get creative. However, with other areas, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. In fact, straying from certain web design standards can actually hurt a site. Navigation is the perfect example of this. Instead of trying to do anything overly clever, you simply want to be sure that the navigation on your business website is easy to see and that it will help visitors quickly choose the main page that they want.

    4. Content That’s Easy to Scan and Read

    The content that’s on your website will have a direct impact on its overall effectiveness. While great content can help your Omaha business stand out, it’s important to remember that when people are online, they generally don’t spend time reading huge blocks of text. Instead, they scan and then read what’s most important to them. That’s why it’s vital for your site’s content to utilize plenty of sub-headings to make things easy to scan.

    5. Direct Calls to Action

    As previously mentioned, a business website should be focused on converting visitors into leads or customers. In addition to all of the features we’ve covered, it’s important to have direct text and call to action buttons. By being clear about what visitors should do on your site, you can avoid missing out on potential leads or customers just because of people not knowing what they should do.

    Big Red SEO Will Create the Ideal Responsive Business Website for You: (402) 522-6468

    Now that you know why responsive web design is the best approach to take and which features your Omaha business website should definitely contain, you have all the basic knowledge needed to get started with the design process. All that’s missing is a partner with the skills to turn your new website into a reality.

    At Big Red SEO, we’ve been designing websites for many years. Thanks to our experience working with businesses, we’re keenly aware of what works and what doesn’t. We’re also committed to using the best options available like responsive design. Since we understand the business goals that a new site needs to help drive, you can be confident that we will deliver a great ROI.

    To learn more about our web design process and to talk to us about exactly what you want from your new website, we’d love to hear from you at (402) 522-6468.

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