Content Strategy Matters In SEO - Kim Treacy Shares Higher Level Tips
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The Best Way to Develop a Content Strategy

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    One of the most common misconceptions about business websites is that simply having one online is enough to attract new customers. In reality, standing out from competitors online and actually attracting new customers requires strategic marketing efforts like a content strategy. While utilizing content is far from being the only way to market online, there are several traits that make this approach especially appealing.

    The first benefit of online content marketing is it’s a cost-effective strategy. The second benefit is that by taking an evergreen approach to content development within your Omaha SEO services, investments will continue paying off in the form of long-term rankings in Google. Another key benefit of consistently producing high-quality content is it provides something that can easily be amplified through other channels like social media.

    Although there are a lot of reasons to like content creation as an Omaha SEO services strategy, reaping all of those benefits isn’t something that happens automatically. Plenty of Omaha businesses have published a flurry of blog posts, only to get frustrated and give up on content when they don’t see a sudden spike in search engine traffic.

    If you want to invest in content writing for your Omaha business and get as much as possible out of it, you need a content strategy that aligns with other Omaha SEO services techniques. Even though that term sounds a little intimidating, it’s something that Big Red SEO deals with on a daily basis. Since we know exactly what it takes to develop and execute an effective strategy for climbing the rankings, we’re going to cover everything you need to know about using content as an online marketing tool right now:

    Start with Identifying Who You Want to Reach

    There’s no question that it takes some time to identify exactly who you want to reach with your content. However, this upfront investment of time and effort will continue to pay off over the long term. Not only does having clear personas in mind make it easier to write content that resonates with people, but knowing who you want to reach will greatly increase the effectiveness of the content strategy you create.

    For most Omaha businesses, there should be multiple answers to the question of the demographics content should reach. Potential customers are the most obvious target for content creation. But that doesn’t mean you should limit yourself to just that focus. The best content marketing strategies are those that also include anyone who may influence a potential customer. By including that type of persona as well, you can be sure that your content efforts cast a wide enough net and don’t miss out on any potential audiences.

    Integrate Keywords Into Your Content Strategy

    Social media can be a useful channel for sharing new blog posts. That being said, social media isn’t the most reliable channel for ensuring that your content gets in front of the right people at the right time. Since you want to maximize the ROI you get from content development within your Omaha SEO services, it’s important to have a more evergreen channel for content. That’s where Google comes into the picture.

    What’s great about the traffic that Google sends is it’s highly targeted. For example, if someone is searching Google for a specific type of Omaha business, there’s a very good chance that they’re highly interested in the products or services that the business offers. But even if someone is searching Google for a more general topic, coming across a post on your blog makes it far more likely that they will think of your business when they’re in need of what you offer.

    Because there is so much value in targeted traffic from Google, it’s important that blog posts and other forms of content are properly optimized to bring in this type of traffic. That need is why a strong content strategy should include keyword research and usage identified within your Omaha SEO services. By strategically building great content around the right keywords, you’ll be able to experience consistent gains in search engine traffic.

    Stick to a Consistent Publishing Schedule

    As previously mentioned, plenty of businesses take a less than ideal approach to content creation. Instead of pacing themselves, they publish a bunch of content all at once. And because they don’t see immediate results, they give up on this type of SEO strategy.

    In order to rank well in Google, it’s important for a site to be trusted. Since building trust takes time, consistently publishing 1-2 posts per week is a much better strategy than publishing a bunch all at once and then nothing else. While it’s normal for publishing frequency to be tweaked over time, there’s a lot of value in creating an editorial calendar and then sticking to it.

    Review on a Regular Basis

    If you follow everything we’ve covered about creating a content strategy, you will be able to craft a very effective one. The Omaha SEO strategy you create will give you a solid starting point for writing and publishing online content. Just keep in mind that you shouldn’t think of your initial strategy as something that’s set in stone.

    Instead, you should review your efforts on a regular basis and look for areas of improvement. For example, reviewing which of your posts have performed best may reveal that certain lengths, styles, or formats do significantly better than others. When you identify those types of trends, you’ll be able to tweak your content strategy to make future posts even more effective. Taking this iterative approach to your content efforts will ensure that you continue to see great results for your business.

    We Create and Maintain Ideal Content Strategies

    Since creating and then successfully executing an effective content strategy takes a lot of work, it’s incredibly helpful to have a proven partner on your side. At Big Red SEO, we can provide everything you need to succeed with online content marketing. From developing a solid strategy to handling your content writing needs every month, our team is ready to help your Omaha business succeed online. Give us a call at (402) 522-6468 to talk more about all of your online content needs.

    Want a deeper understanding of SEO and content creation strategies? Check out our YouTube page.

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