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Big Red SEO Discusses FB Cover Photo Rules

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    As an Omaha Search Engine Optimization company, we find that our clients come to us for more than just SEO advice. Today we are sharing with you a few rules that Facebook has regarding their cover photos within the Timeline theme. We have experienced a great deal of pain with learning the timeline features. Over the next few months we’ll be providing resources to help you get your company’s Facebook page where it should be.

    There are certain rules you need to know about your Facebook cover photo. When launching a business you cannot help but get excited to get your business out there. An area many business owners are turning to for marketing is Facebook. It’s time to face the facts – the days of Yellow Page ads are dwindling (no offense to the older generation).

    You as a consumer are more than likely to experience services or buy a product if your friend from Facebook cheers about it; this is what we call advocating within the social world. Very different from a proactive approach such as Omaha Search Engine Optimization. If someone truly loves a product, they love to brag about it, share information with friends and rave about it to others face to face. This can also go the opposite way.  If someone has a bad experience with your company, damage can be done within social media mediums (more on that later).

    Big Red SEO Provides Facebook Business Page Cover Photo Rules

    If you are creating a Facebook business page, you need to review the rules within each social media tool you’re planning to use. Rules, what? I know- who likes rules? Believe it or not, rules are needed to ensure your customers have a great experience.

    Before dipping your toes into the social media world, be sure to play nice with others by reviewing and following the rules. If you are one of the few businesses that do not follow the rules or play nice with others then there could be consequences. Facebook followers have the ability to get your page removed, report you for infringement, harassment and create a really negative image regarding your business reputation. Below, we have provided a brief review of Facebook’s rules directed to business page cover photo. Enjoy!

    No Encouraging Your Cover Photo Exposure!

    Your business page cover photo cannot encourage people visually to upload your cover photo to their personal timelines. This means no text, images or pictures that state that someone should post your business cover photo to their Facebook page to get more exposure.

    No Pricing Information Tolerated!

    Pricing information within the cover photo is NOT allowed. Let me repeat this, as it is a biggie. You as a business page CANNOT put pricing information within the cover photo. This means you are not allowed to advertise pricing information such as, “40% off” or provide them text to get the discount for example, “Download your discount at”. If you are running a promotion, get the word out in the right section of your page. Put all pricing and promotion information within your status posts and update them often.

    No Contact Information Allowed!

    You can not include any contact information within the cover photo. Basically any information that can be placed within the ‘about us’ section should be the place where your information is advertised. That means within the cover photo there cannot be any contact information including website address, email or mailing address.

    Remember the cover photo is an opportunity to capture your audience with product or services. Convey a message with your product that would make them want to call you. Don’t pressure sales within the business cover photo; no one likes direct marketing on Facebook. 

    No References Images or Words

    References cannot be made to Facebook features within the cover photo. Your cover photo text cannot encourage visitors to like your page or have graphics with arrows pointing where someone could like the business page. Think twice before adding words such as “like” or “share” within the cover photo. I have seen a few business pages that have done this which were removed by Facebook.

    No Call to Action

    Calls to Actions are not allowed within the cover photo of Facebook business pages. You cannot tell someone to share this page with their Facebook friends. For example; phrases like “Get it now” are a huge no-no! People want to shop on their own, so again, use the cover photo as a display case for your products and not a forceful message.

    No Misleading or Copyright Infringement

    Under no circumstances can a cover photo within a business page be misleading, deceptive, or include copyright information. I am sure all of you are intelligent business owners and know that the person shopping for your product and services get truly frustrated when you present one thing but deliver another.

    Be sure to provide accurate information regarding what your business offers and give credit to those who deserve it. If information has a copyright – don’t use it without permission. The consequences are not worth it!

    Contact Big Red SEO Today!

    Need help determining what message you want to convey on Facebook? Contact an Omaha Search Engine Optimization Company, Big Red SEO, at (402) 522-6468. Our mission is to help businesses be found where their customers are looking. More than ever, potential customers are searching for services in their local area. We can help you get the results you deserve.

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