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Big Red SEO Discusses What Google Trends Do for Your SEO

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    Google Trends and SEO_Big Red SEOYou know when you are making a website and trying to think of the best keywords to use, but you don’t know if your keywords are accurate enough to get traffic from possible customers? Google Trends along with the Keyword Planner are great tools to use to enhance the SEO for your company.

    The way Google Trends works is you are able to search for trends four different ways:

    •  Web Search- Do a normal search on the web
    •  Worldwide- search different countries
    •  2004-Present- search anything from a day ago, all the way back to 2004
    •  All Categories- search any or all categories such as arts, computers, food, etc.

    When you pick one of the four options above, then you can compare 5 groupings of 25 keywords or less.

    For example, your search might look something like this.

    • Group 1: drawer+ file +office
    • Group 2: Computer+ keyboard + mouse

    And so on, all the way up to group 5.

    The + signifies “or” so “drawer” or “file” or “office.” Then you will see a graph appear and it will show you the interest people have in those terms over a period of time. However, it does not tell you the exact number of searches for that one word. That is where the Keyword Planner comes into play. Sign into your AdWords account to get to the Keyword Planner and type in the kind of services your company provides. Choose the “Keyword Ideas” tab and Presto! it gives you ideas. You are also able to compare keywords/phrases to see which words are getting the most traffic.

    Another program Google has to offer is called Top Charts. This can be used to develop content suggestions about topics people are interested in and will read.

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    This blog would be so much longer if I told you everything Google has to offer to help your business and you would probably be lost afterward. However, if this blog caught your attention and you would like more information about SEO or keywords in relation to your business, please contact us today. Our Big Red SEO team specialists would be more than happy to assist you!

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