Big Red SEO’s Case for a Targeted Blog

Big Red SEO_Content Creation ManagersThe Internet is awash with great content. There’s more content on the Internet than you could read and digest in several lifetimes. A bird could sharpen its beak on the side of a mountain once every thousand years, and even when that little (and really old) bird has whittled the mountain down to nothing, there’d still be a ceaseless and ever-increasing deluge of content on the Internet.And then there’s you. With as much content as there is out there, there are also plenty of people reading it, and you want those people to take an interest in you and your business. You may think that the wisest thing to do would be to play the numbers game, getting your content messages out to as many potential readers as you can so you’ll be sure to attract a few. That seems pretty logical, right? Our team of SEO and content creation specialists at Big Red SEO want you to know that there’s a better way.

Don’t Write Blogs for the LCD

If you write for the lowest common denominator (LCD) with the hope that that way more people will be interested in what you have to say, you’re on the wrong track. Think of it this way: in the early days of SEO, those who wanted to up their search engine rankings knew content would help them do it, so they started blogs. The problem with many of these blogs, though, was that they were written with quantity, not quality, in mind. These writers were casting the wide net, writing about anything that would draw traffic.

The problem with that approach is that not all traffic is created equal. Which would you prefer? A vast readership of the unwashed, unmotivated, and unresponsive, or a smaller one made up of people who show a genuine interest in your business and want to share it with others?

Write to Your Audience

If you write with the mind to attract everyone, chances are you’ll end up writing things that aren’t worth writing, let alone sharing. We see this kind of content all the time—recycled ideas on irrelevant topics delivered through stale language—and while it’s designed to reach and connect with many people, it fails spectacularly at its goal.

But why? Because it’s an unrealistic goal to start with, built on the false assumption that people as a whole will respond positively to dumbed-down content. The simple fact is that they don’t, because LCD writing is boring, and there’s (almost) nothing worse than being bored.

Precisely targeted content is much better for attracting the kinds of interested, involved customers that you want. Sure, you’ll lose some potential readers doing things this way, but let’s face it, those readers weren’t the ones you wanted anyway. There are other advantages too—writing fresh and compelling content that’s specifically directed toward helping your ideal customer allows you to showcase your expertise in your field, attracting the kind of readers who will turn into customers and advocates.

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