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Big Red SEO’s Website Design Strategies for 2014

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    BigRedSEO_WebDesign2014Our Omaha web design team at Big Red SEO has been spending some time researching the latest trends in website design coming down the pipe for 2014, and we’d like to share some of them with you. These ideas have been really effective for our current website and could work really well for your business, so take some time to consider which ones you can adopt for your companies website design strategy! If you have any questions feel free to contact our website design team at (402) 522-6468. We’d be happy to offer some guidance on how to make your end users more happy.

    Larger Fonts Make Users Happy

    This is a design element that many sites have been implementing for some time, and it’s a trend that’s bound to continue into the future, simply because increasing the size of fonts on your article pages can have a big impact on modernizing the look of your site. Our Omaha SEO team’s advice here is to have your onscreen text mirror the advancement in the hardware used to view it. You don’t want your standard font sizes to look puny and outdated on a big high-resolution screen.

    Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, larger fonts also mean easier readability. Larger text on your pages is easier on visitors’ eyes, and it has the added psychological benefit of making them more likely to read on longer than with small text.

    Continuous Scrolling Has Arrived

    People have gotten used to the idea of continuous scrolling and now even come to expect it because of its widespread use by many social media sites, Facebook and Instagram included. This design element works well for sites that rely on content objects, but it can be an equally effective tool for many kinds of sites. If your site is text-heavy, for example, continuous scrolling allows for a seamless transition between blog posts or articles without having to click.

    Adding continuous scroll to your site should change other aspects of the design as well. Unless you add floating navigation, for example, the top fold (which you really want to keep) can be lost as you scroll down through the articles.

    Keep it Simple with Flat Design

    Google recently changed its logo to a flat design, and Apple’s iOS 7 revamped its entire look and feel using flat design features. This kind of design trend goes in cycles, and we’re in the “keep it simple, stupid” phase of that cycle, where it seems every company is cutting back on design flourishes to focus on a clean, minimalist look, and Big Red SEO believes we’ll be there for some time to come.

    More than just offering a modern look, though, flat design also serves a practical purpose. Since flat design eliminates all gradients and shadowing that make objects look three-dimensional, your site’s visual elements can take up a lot less space and load faster, which ultimately keeps your customers happy.

    Responsive Mobile Design is Here to Stay

    As an SEO Company in Omaha, we have spent a lot of time talking about the future of mobile retail lately, but this tidbit bears repeating—mobile devices now account for 28% of total website traffic according to public relations firm Walker Sands, and that number is only expected to rise in the coming years. As more people transition to using mobile devices for all their internet goings-on, web designers need to be responsive to this growing demand, creating dynamic websites that can adjust according to the device and screen they’re viewed on.

    Contact Big Red SEO Today at (402) 522-6468!

    Keeping up with design trends that modernize and optimize your websites for the future can be a full-time job, and at Big Red SEO that’s what we love to do! As a full-service SEO and website design company in Omaha, we specialize in developing strategies to make our clients more visible to potential customers and business partners. If you have any questions about this post, or SEO and website design in general, give our team a call today at (402) 522-6468! We’re always happy to talk with you about ways to take your business to the next level!

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