Big Red SEO’s Worst User Experience Gaffes, Part 1

Omaha SEO by Big Red SEOSo you’ve gotten potential customers to visit your website, but in your analytics tools you’re still seeing high bounce rates and short time on site numbers. What’s the deal? In short, first-time visitors to your site are finicky and flighty—like deer in the woods, they’re quick to hit the back button at the first sign of something they don’t like. Before they have the chance to see what your company has to offer, either by signing up for your newsletter, checking out your fascinating and insightful blog, or even becoming a paying customer, something you’ve done sends them scurrying back into the Internet undergrowth.

At Big Red SEO, an SEO and web design company in Omaha, we’ve spent serious time thinking about and designing websites that cater, first and foremost, to end user experience. After all, the key to creating a relationship between you and your customer is showing them what the value of your product or service is to them, making that value something they can’t live without, and making their access to what you’re selling foolproof. To keep your customers travelling merrily down the sales funnel, here’s the start of Big Red SEO’s list of top web design errors to avoid.

1. Making customers sign up too early

If the first thing your visitor sees when they navigate to your site is a form they have to fill out, that’s the kiss of death. It doesn’t matter how innocuous the data you’re asking of them is; even if you’re just asking for an email address, savvy consumers are wary of giving out any kind of personal information right off the bat. You might as well be a stranger on the street asking to borrow their car for a few hours. While most people wouldn’t go for that, and rightly so, they’re far more likely to relax with someone they feel like they know and trust.

So how do you start building that trust? Don’t be pushy. As an SEO expert, we recommend offering your visitors something for free that has real value that they can use, like a white paper, or simply demonstrate in a compelling way what the benefit of your product or service is. If your site makes them feel like you’re on the up-and-up, you’ll win their loyalty. If it seems like you’re only interested in roping them in, chances are they’ll move on.

2. It takes more than 3 seconds to find your contact information

Someone wants to contact you with a question about one of your services, or they have a complaint that needs to be addressed. What happens when your contact info is hard for them to find? They may dig for it on your site until they find what they need, but they won’t be happy. It seems more and more true that hard-to-locate contact information is the first red flag for poor customer service. That’s why your contact info should be prominently displayed, preferably in the first place a visitor will look. At Big Red SEO, our web designers suggest that you put it in the top banner to the right, and it never hurts to have it on every page.

3. Your sign-up process is clunky

Most of us probably remember those ill-designed Nintendo games with the 37-digit continue codes. Remember how you felt then? The seemingly endless tedium, the irritation, throwing the controller when you didn’t enter it right the first time? Now think, did you end up finishing that game? Probably not.

Don’t let your visitor have that kind of experience using your site. When it does come time for them to sign up for whatever you’re offering, make the process as simple and straightforward as possible, and only ask for information that’s absolutely necessary.

Big Red SEO Knows Web Design, So Contact Us at (402) 522-6468!

Our Omaha web design team at Big Red SEO hopes that these tips will help you avoid the kinds of design mistakes that cause visitors to flee! We want you to capture more leads and sales, and that’s just what we help our clients do, through our effective search engine optimization and web design strategies. Stay tuned for Part 2 of our Worst User Experience Gaffes, and if you have any questions about  web design or SEO in the meantime, feel free to contact us!

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