Webmaster Tools/Consolde: Bing vs Google - Episode 114
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Bing vs Google – Webmaster Tools Showdown

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    This week Bing released an overhaul of their Bing Webmaster Tools. This was a big overhaul for them and they added lots of new tools and features that I cover in the video.

    I have my own prediction of a new rivalry between Bing and Google is starting to heat up and over the course of the next 12-18 months, and we should start to see Bing hitting the airwaves with a new advertising campaign to boost their usage and results.

    Check out the video below:

    Here are a few areas that stand out in the video:

    00:30 Conor predicts Google & Bing will have a new rival battle
    01:58 Bing vs Google Market share & types of users
    03:15 Bing has updated their Bing Webmaster Tools
    04:40 Highlights of new features in Bing Webmaster Tools
    06:48 New tool – Similar Sites
    08:50 Bing released a plugin for WordPress
    10:28 Google SiteKit is a plugin for WordPress too
    12:05 Conor predicts that prior to July 2021 or December 2021 will see another battle between Bing & Google for user share

    Like I said, we should start to see things heating up between the two largest search engines as they battle for new users.  There are some big changes happening at Google and the removal of some of their much loved tools inside their system (schema markup checker and the addition of the rich text tool). It will be interesting to see if Bing decides to add that into their system directly.

    One of the neat things about the Bing Webmaster Tools is that the setup is a breeze. If you already have Google Search Console, you can just go to the Bing Webmaster Tools area, sign up (or log in) with your account, and then there’s a button to import all your sites directly from Google.

    That’s a huge time saver. Your sitemaps etc automatically pull in and the stats will start to show within 24-48 hours (I’ve had some showing within just a couple of hours).

    Check out the new Bing Webmaster Tools and let us know what you think!

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