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Brain of an SEO Expert: Where Can I get Content Ideas for My Blog?

Mind of an SEO Expert_Big Red SEOAt Big Red SEO we realize that you might be short on time, or someone may have told you that you need to get content immediately on your website. While adding content is an important part of an SEO campaign process, putting duplicate content on your website will not help you like you think.

To become the authority of your industry (which is the ultimate goal in SEO), you need to create a strategy for the content you are sharing on your website and determine what the end result is that you’re looking for. For example: Do you want them to pick up the phone to place an order, or do you want them to surf your website for what they are looking for and fill out a contact form at their convenience? At Big Red SEO, we have clients who seek to achieve both of those goals, often at the same time.

“But I Have The Best Duplicate Content In Omaha”

When it comes to search engines such as Google, duplicate content will not achieve the goal you’re looking for — getting credit for your content being indexed. In your content you may be saying “but, I’m the biggest company in town and I offer the best services ever!” When it comes to website content, it doesn’t matter how much profit you bring in each year, it doesn’t matter how many employees you have on payroll, and it certainly doesn’t matter that you offer the lowest rates in town. Instead the search engines, like Google, are looking for 100% unique, value-add content that offers more regarding your services and industry. They essentially are looking for the authority leaders in the industry. They want the leading companies who are not afraid to share free data to help educate and give answers to others. Again, you have to offer this as 100% original written content. You can use samples and references, but the content needs to be in your words and deliver the tone of how your company operates.

How To Come Up with the Content Creation Basics

A content creation strategy needs to take place when you are looking to create content. For your company content to be successful you have to create a game plan. You can simply start with the main services or products you offer. As content creation specialists, we often use the 5 W’s (who, what, when, where, and why). Asking “who would read this content?”, “what does this content need to include?” ,“when would someone find this content of value?”, “where should someone looking for this content look?”, and “why should someone read this?” If you can answer all of these questions we guarantee you’ll have a terrific place to start when creating content.

Who To Ask for Content Creation Ideas

As content creation specialists, we recommend starting with your top 8 questions asked by your prospective clients, and also write down every question that they ask. While your clients may not ask many questions once they’re on board as a client, their questions can offer a goldmine of data to create for your “close of sale” process. When done correctly, they can help you determine why they chose your company over your competition. In most cases, prospects will not feel comfortable with you asking, “hey, why are you considering using us,” as they may have not made a final decision. Your current clients, on the other hand, will be open to you asking those questions to them.

Tip: Have a notepad next to the phone and write down the questions your prospects and clients ask. In many cases, you can find areas that you never thought to cover. In the everyday grind all of us get in the habit of spitting out the answer and moving on without thinking twice about it. Try to make a habit of writing down every question even if it’s asked multiple times a day. FYI, if you get asked the same questions over and over that is a huge hint that you should be writing about it.

Don’t Forget to Ask Your Friends and Family

Truly one of the best sources of information we have utilized at Big Red SEO is asking our friends and family if they know what we do or how we do it. In many cases they will tell us “NO!” When this happens we do not get upset, instead we use this as a tool. Our Omaha SEO experts at Big Red SEO get in-depth technical questions all the time; we have our team write these down and we schedule to create a blog article discussing these specific subjects. Remember, if someone doesn’t understand what you do, use their questions as your ultimate guide for creating content. You’d be surprised how many content ideas you can come up with in a short amount of time that are of immediate value.

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Do you need assistance in creating a successful SEO content strategy? If so, contact our team at Big Red SEO. We’ve helped businesses throughout Omaha and the entire U.S. become the experts in their industry by providing tips, recommendations, suggestions, and other resources at the fingertips of their customers and future customers. Feel free to give us a call at your convenience at (402) 522-6468.

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