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Changes in SEO During 2013

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    Big Red SEO 2013 Changes As December is coming to a close, as well as the year 2013, Big Red SEO thought it might be helpful to do a year in review for SEO. There were many different changes and trends this year in SEO. Google set the bar with its’ many new algorithms and SEO usually does exactly what Google says.

    As an SEO company in Omaha, we know how frustrating it can be to keep up with these changes, but we hope you didn’t find 2013 to be too overwhelming a far as updates go!

    Google’s Panda and Penguin Algorithm

    Google’s new versions of Panda and Penguin more effectively help fight the annoying spam that we all deal with on a daily basis. This year marked the 25th update of Panda and Google said after this one they would no longer tell us about the updates. Low quality content is affected by Panda and it’s not worth trying to get around.

    Penguin is in the 5th stages of updates. It deals with the links on a website instead of the content. The links must be relevant or Google will take action against your website.

    Google’s Hummingbird Algorithm

    The Hummingbird update is said to be one of the most significant. With the rise in mobile and voice web searches, Google designed Hummingbird to recognize the whole sentence that is being searched for instead of just picking out keywords. This way you get better results. Not many of us noticed the change because Google didn’t announce it until a month after it came out. However, that does not mean it was not working to pull up the best results for you. In order to get your business found on Google you need quality content and good SEO.

    SERP: Knowledge Graph

    SERP stands for the Search Engine Results Page. The Knowledge Graph is a block of information that pops up on the right hand side of your SERP. This block gives you facts and pictures depending on the subject you searched for. This way you get answers immediately without even having to click.

    Social Media is Important

    Facebook Graph Search is the new thing. It goes off what the user “Likes” on Facebook and regulates what ads and results to show the user based off of those. These social signals will become more and more important with the new updates coming out almost daily. Not just on Facebook, but all social media. Google will be able to read what we like or what we search for and help us find things easier and faster. This is highly efficient in a world where we want everything to be available instantly.

    Secure Search

    The secure search change came about fairly recent in September. Google decided to start encrypting the searches made while a user was logged into Google. Later on they opted to encrypt for everyone not signed in as well. This way no one could hone in on what people are searching for. Some of us still want to keep certain things private. Thank you Google!

    Mobile Searching Becomes Increasingly More Important

    According to a study done by Google, 81% of mobile users use it because it is fast and convenient. This means that having a website isn’t enough anymore. The website must also be mobile compatible.

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    As I am sure you can see, there were many changes this year and the year 2014 will be no different. If you can keep up with the changes that is awesome and more power to you! However, if you need help making your website reflect these changes so that search engines will find you and direct you to your potential clients, then come visit our Omaha SEO team at our brand new location! Also, please feel free to fill out our quick contact form!


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