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Content Drives Online Business Traffic by Omaha SEO Expert

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    Online Business Traffic_Big Red SEOFinally, content drives online business traffic! For many this is a huge challenge. However, as an Omaha SEO Company who thrives on doing SEO the right way, this makes us extremely happy. With the latest updates to Google’s algorithms, relevant content takes priority versus overly (SEO) optimized sites. What this means for the end user, the visitor to your site, is that value is paramount. The Internet is information intensive, and that information grows exponentially daily. Major search engines like Google and Bing do their best to assign priority to websites with content that lend the most value to their end users, and most closely match their search queries.

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is no longer as simple as avoiding grey hat or black hat techniques to avoid penalties. It now narrows down white hat techniques in an effort to return results for search queries that reflect associated value. SEO experts can no longer simply employ Search Engine Optimization tactics to trick sites onto page one in SERPS (search engine results pages) to increase their advertising revenues. As broadband Internet continues to expand via DSL, cable, tablet and smart phone venues, competition for your niche grows. Combine that with increasingly savvy Internet enthusiasts and the value of ranking high in SERPS increases in turn.

    Here’s the Key – Greatest Content is of Little Value if No One Sees It!

    Keyword research helps identify those keywords and keyword phrases that most closely match your products and services AND are being currently searched for. It does little good if you’re ranked number one for a search query that very few prospects are actually searching for. As well, focusing on keywords that are too broad in nature will pit you against millions of results, lessening your ability to drive traffic to your site.

    Content is Now KING & QUEEN

    The days of doing a search query, then clicking on a result that takes you from one link to another until you finally reach REAL CONTENT are thankfully diminishing. More and more, you’ll see websites on page one and page two of search queries with content that’s highly relevant to the search query.

    As an End User, How Do You Keep Track of Changes in the Major Search Engines’ Algorithms?

    While the major search engines do not reveal their search algorithms, they do make recommendations in their respective Webmaster Tools programs. As a general guideline, content should have user appeal AND uniqueness.

    • If a prospect were searching for an auto body shop or beauty salon, and clicking between results, why would they be drawn to your site?
    • How do your products or services vary from your competition?
    • Does the content on each page of your site exceed 600 words? Ask an Omaha SEO Consultant why this matters.
    • Is your site graphically pleasing, meaning does it connect with with any of your prospects five senses?
    • Do you have an emotional call-to-action?
    • Is the content on your site well written and easy to read?
    • Can your site be easily navigated? Does it have any broken links?
    • Is it easy to get from Point Click to Point Purchase on your site?
    • Is your pricing competitive?
    • Do you address know, like and trust on your site? Again, ask an Omaha SEO Consultant why this matters.
    • Does the content on your site supply answers (and relevant solutions)?

    Under Promise and Over Deliver

    Websites are an online reflection of your brick and mortar business. Your online business strategy should be so much more than an SEO strategy, at least if you want to compete for SERPS in today’s world. Don’t promise what you can’t deliver. Instead, under promise and over deliver – by providing exceptional value to your online visitors.

    Contact Big Red SEO Today!

    Highly relevant content creates value, and VALUE SELLS PRODUCTS AND SERVICES. With the latest release of Google’s algorithms, it also drives business traffic. Get in touch with an Omaha Search Engine Optimization Company, Big Red SEO, at (402) 522-6468, or fill out our contact form. Our mission is to help businesses be found where their customers are looking. More than ever, potential customers are searching for services in their local area. We can help you get the results you deserve.

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