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Digital Marketing Strategies that Actually Work with Google Updates

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    Big Red SEO - Digital Marketing Strategies That WorkAt Big Red SEO, we realize dropping from page one of search results to page two, can severely impact website traffic, and consequently sales and revenue. If you have a marketing person who is responsible for your website staying up-to-date on the constant changes search engines like Google make, it can be quite daunting and overwhelming for them.

    Believe it or not, search engines (Google, Yahoo! and Bing) are attempting to help those searching online by making all search results more relevant. If you have read some of our past blogs you will see that our SEO Team uses Google as an example a lot. This is due to the fact that Google continues to dominate search engine market shares constantly. Google also has some of the toughest rules and regulations for those who manage and own websites.

    Earlier this year millions of websites were affected both positively and negatively, by updates made by search engines. When Google releases major updates like Penguin and Panda, many webmasters are forced to completely revamp their digital marketing strategy in order to maintain their ranking. If you do not have an experienced SEO individual or company on your side, your company could be in serious trouble. Below, our SEO team has provided a few ways to stay ahead of the curve.

    Think Outside of the Box – Start Using Videos

    Have you ever watched some videos on YouTube and wondered how they got two million views when they were just awful? Imagine what you could do with good content! As mentioned in our “The 411 of Social Media Sites and SEO Results” article, recent updates in Google’s algorithms now encourage professionals to explore fresh and innovative ways to promote their websites. Videos are a fantastic medium to effectively convey extensive and in-depth knowledge about any product or service. Videos are generally indexed very quickly and can significantly help your site maintain its ranking long-term, as compared to conventional and textual content.

    Junk Content is a NO NO

    Once upon a time, some SEO companies promoted obtaining back-links as the way to increase your Google ranking. That was before the Penguin and Panda updates. Consequently, a lot of webmasters and Omaha SEO Companies posted junk content all over the Internet in an attempt to outsmart search engines like Google.

    A ton of articles were artificially spun, using a software, without regard to the industry it was being provided for or the value offered to the website visitors. As mentioned above, search engines are trying to make their search results relevant to what someone is looking for. When creating content, value should be the main objective of website content, blogs or additional resources provided to your website visitors. If you are looking to provide outside links in your content, it’s important to verify the authority of the website and the value of the link connected to your website, as you are suggesting your visitor to leave your site (company) to visit someone else’s site.

    Blogs are the New Trend

    At Big Red SEO, we recommend that companies become an industry expert not only in their trade, but online as well. Being a real authority on a particular product, service or niche sits very well with search engines. For example, with the major changes made to Google’s algorithms, they have received questions from leading companies asking how they can get their rankings back in the search results. While they cannot come out and specifically help one company with ranking advice, they have suggested that emphasizing on fresh, unique and quality content can help your company become more established on the search engines.

    Don’t worry if you’re not sure how to communicate your expertise online, the Big Red SEO team can help. With our content creation services, we successfully display you as an expert in your industry, while using the personality of your company to set you apart from your competition. We piece together information that we’re able to find on the Internet which we think will provide value to your visitors. As mentioned in our article “Managing Your Blog Like an SEO Pro”, we recommend you post at least one article a week to stay in touch. Remember, value and consistency are key.

    Be Sure to Use Social Media, After All It’s Free!

    Having a presence on social media can help you capture a different audience compared to those who will find you on search engines. With Facebook having over 1.15 billion active users and Twitter having around 500 million active users, social media is showing it will be around for the long hall.

    If your company isn’t using social media, you could be losing potential customers. Social media provides visibility, credibility and flexibility when used right. At Big Red SEO, we recommend integrating social media into your existing search engine optimization strategy, as it gives you the opportunity to reach new customers. Some people use Facebook, others use Twitter and some use both. At Big Red SEO, we suggest testing several different platforms to see what works for your company. Be sure to expand your knowledge of social media by reading our article “How to Build a Following for Your Business on Twitter”.

    Is your company experiencing challenges keeping up with the search engine changes? If you need additional resources on how to stay ahead of the curve, feel free to contact us today at (402) 522-6468. We’d be happy to provide a website analysis to help you get started.

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