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Do SEO Firms Convert Sales in SEO? NO! We Drive Traffic!

SEO_Big Red SEOIf you are looking to hire an SEO Company in Omaha to convert your sales, you will be fairly disappointed with the results. Services like organic SEO will help increase website traffic by putting your company in the places that potential customers are looking for, but they will not make someone click the “buy now” button- that is your job. We have been approached by several companies looking for a new SEO company as they feel they are not getting their return of investment.

You ask how that is possible if SEO is legitimate. We know for a fact that several SEO companies in Omaha use “we ‘increase’ your sales” as part of their sales pitch. Each time we hear it we cringe, as this is not 100% true. Any SEO experts’ goal is to ultimately increase your sales. Hell, that is how it is supposed to work. However, it all comes down to the content and message delivered in the website. Let us guess, you’re confused? Let us explain.

What SEO Experts Do, What YOU Should Do!

We can make sure your website is structured to be accepted by search engines such as Google and Bing, and we can ensure your website is in the right places at the right time by getting your website top rankings for selected keywords. We can even go the next step of creating a blog for you to ensure you are updating content at all time. What we can not do is sell your products and services for you. Meaning we are not the ones taking the phone calls or responding to the request for proposal.

Once someone fills out the form, in many ways, our job is done! We can help structure the message on your website but we can not close the sale for you. Many companies understand that even in organic SEO there are limitations. This is one of them. While our goal is to help you make money, and your website design and content is the first impression when someone views you online, that’s about as far as a web design or an SEO company can take you. For many companies, once the visitor has submitted a contact form or picked up the phone to dial your number, we have succeeded. This is not to say that there’s not things that couldn’t be changed to help a sales funnel, but that’s not the part of SEO, that’s marketing, and that’s a whole different ball game.

How to Increase Conversions- Learn Your Demographic!

One of the ways we are able to help assist in ‘closing’ a sale is making sure your website is set up as simply as possible. Some people are like me, they love the Internet and enjoy reading content or researching the company prior to purchasing. This type of person will truly enjoy all your website content and more than likely, they will not talk very much once they get a hold of you. Instead, they will be straight to the point, you either have what they want or you don’t.

Others enjoy talking on the phone or in person to whoever they are buying from. For this type of person, you want to make sure that everything they need is at their fingertips. Yes, everything! The best way to do this is to provide a company phone number, several social media icons, hours and location in the top right hand corner or bottom right corner of your website. Don’t worry, while it seems like a lot of content, if it is structured correctly it will look great. If people can pick up the phone and get the information they need, you have accomplished two things; you can answer all their questions in one shot, reducing the chance that they will stop communication due to the back and forth correspondence via email, and two, you can up-sell what they are looking for. In typical cases someone is looking to purchase a specific product. However, they are unsure what ‘exact’ product they need most times. Getting them on the phone can help you confirm the product they need.

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Do you have questions about how Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can help increase your website traffic? Contact Us. We are an Omaha Search Engine Optimization Company whose mission is to help businesses be found where their customers are looking. More than ever, potential customers are searching for services in their local area. We can help you get the results you deserve.

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