Does Your Website Work with Today’s Technology?

Website_Big Red SEOYour industry might have you tied to a work station or a laptop, but how many of your customers are using smart phones, tablets and iPads to research your company? During site evaluations, being media ready is one of the action items we provide for our SEO clients. Even if you do not use the technology media daily yourself, it’s almost a guarantee that your customer will. For example, when was the last time you used a Yellow Pages book? Can you even recall seeing someone researching a Yellow Pages book recently? (Jail doesn’t count!)

Website Layout Portrait vs Landscape

It is very important to know how a website’s landscape is being used. When you’re building a house, you do not put the in-ground swimming pool in the front yard. Be sure that the website content is readable on any device and that your picture to text ratio is balanced out accordingly.

We were recently doing a site evaluation with an iPad for a client needing SEO Services, and we were growing frustrated due to not being able to see what was on the individual pages within the site. The header graphic took up 75% of the screen. We were to the limit of frustration and about to exit from the site. Luckily, we scrolled down and noticed there was more than what met the eye. We have to stress that if this happened to a potential customer they may have walked away, as the site is no longer considered friendly due to the stress and frustration caused by it’s layout.

Pop-Ups Nightmare

If you have any pop-up ads or site survey menus that come up, we would suggest making sure that they are easy to close out of. There is added frustration for a client who is trying to view a page which has a pop-up appearing. If the client cannot successfully close the pop-up menu to continue on the page, they may leave your site all together. We cannot tell you how many times we have attempted to click the “x” within a pop-up menu and instead of exiting the pop-up, another menu is activated.It is an endless cycle of madness.

QR Code Reader

When you decide to make your site media ready, be sure to participate in the current trends. Today, the hottest marketing tool is the QR code that was created for the droids and iPhones. You may not know the technical name of this device but we can guarantee you have seen it somewhere before. It is a black square that looks like a bar code. This tool gives people the opportunity to look up your website and company information simply by scanning your bar code. People like to buy when they have the need, and for many buyers the need is immediate.

To optimize your organic SEO, be sure to have your company information out there in all media areas. This will help you attract all clients, whether they are using a laptop, desktop, smart phone, iPad or simply word of mouth. Do you need help with your website landscape? Do you need a website makeover or website redesign? Have you researched how to get a QR code?  These are many of the optimization services that we provide to our clients looking for SEO Services.  Big Red SEO, an Omaha SEO Company can provide you assistance in optimizing your website for search engines. Feel free to contact us today for answers to any questions you may have!

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