E-commerce Killer Conversion Rates with Omaha SEO

Omaha SEO_Big Red SEOEveryone knows that e-commerce is BIG money in today’s technology-driven world. Often it’s easier and faster to shop online than going to the store, and it can also be much cheaper. That’s the triple whammy that’s making e-commerce businesses boatloads of money (approximately $262 billion in 2013—do you want that in 17 million jet skis or 20 aircraft carriers?). If you’re a small business owner with an e-commerce website who wants to take a slice of that quarter-trillion dollar pie, our team of Omaha SEO specialists here at Big Red SEO are here to explain how you can optimize your site to increase traffic and conversions!

Where to Start for E-commerce Search Engine Optimization

There are many aspects of your content, web design, and sales methods that you can optimize to make your site more attractive to users and search engines, but a great place to start is your on-page SEO.

If you’re new to the SEO game, our team here at Big Red SEO suggests that you start out by reading what Google has to say about good SEO practices. Google is, after all, the big fish in our internet pond, and what they say goes!

Focus on Your On-Page Omaha SEO

On-page search engine optimization involves any aspect of what appears on the actual pages of your website (either the content that users see or the metadata that’s included to make it easier for search engines to accurately read and index your pages). For an e-commerce site, you’ll likely have a long list of different areas to optimize, including titles, descriptions, and image alt tags, not to mention the actual content you put on your pages.

If you run an online store with thousands of products, this process can seem very daunting—don’t get discouraged, though, because going through the effort to optimize every aspect of your site is well worth the effort! Our team of search engine optimization experts in Omaha recommends looking at your Google Analytics Dashboard (as well as running detailed reports) to see which of your product pages are already popular—the traffic from these pages will have higher conversion rates, increased time on site, more pages viewed per visit, etc., and all of this information indicates good pages to start optimizing first. You can also choose to optimize the pages for your highest profit margin products first.

Note: If you’re selling products that are sold in other online stores as well, it’s important to come up with original product descriptions to use on your site to avoid issues of duplicate content. If you cut corners and simply copy/paste your product descriptions from somewhere else on the internet, none of that content (which is a potential mountain of SEO equity!) will help your search engine optimization efforts, because the site you pulled the descriptions from will get credit for that original content and not you.

Make Your Website Navigation Great!

Imagine walking into a new retail store that just opened up in your city. Instead of orderly aisles with like products grouped together and a clearly outlined checkout process, you see random stuff strewn about in piles on the floor. You have no idea how to get from one end of the store to the other, you walk in one direction and find that the way has shut behind you, and every five minutes some weird guy comes up to you and tells you to pay up. Would you ever go back to that store?

Here at Big Red SEO, our search engine optimization team is surprised at just how many e-commerce sites we see that offer an experience similar to this to their patrons. Your store should take cues from successful brick-and-mortar stores; make shoppers feel welcome, guide them toward your popular and high-value products, provide search functionality and great filters so they can easily find the products they want, and make the checkout process easy and hassle-free!

Contact Big Red SEO at (402) 522-6468

We hope that this guide gives you some good ideas of where to start the search engine optimization process for your e-commerce site! By focusing on on-page Omaha SEO and logical website navigation, you’ll be well on your way to increased conversions and higher search engine rankings! If you have any questions about how to move forward with search engine optimization for your online business, give our team a call at (402) 522-6468 or fill out our online contact form to see what we can do for you!

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