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E-commerce Sales Strategies Revealed by an Omaha SEO Company

There is a myriad of e-commerce sales strategies, but the measure of successful campaigns is ultimately your return on investment. ROI always improves if whatever you’re selling has perceived value. So, how can you improve “perceived” value? Effective copyrighting and a professional presentation help tremendously. Of course, by effective, we mean that your landing pages capture the attention of your prospects, and then emotionally motivate them to action.

Limit Your Offer

Placing a deadline on your offer still works. Have you ever read ads online that says, “Only 13 left – when they’re gone, they’re gone,” or some words to that effect? If you follow these ads, more often than not, that number never makes it to zero. Why? Even slightly interested prospects don’t want to miss out on the sale. Several major retailers, including JCP, recently switched from event sales to everyday sales. This was projected to streamline their sales, but it didn’t work out quite as anticipated. The thought process of the prospect goes something like this: “I have to buy that before the price goes back up or before they run out“.  It’s an emotional decision. Everyday sales are not.

Does What You’re Selling Solve a Problem?

Problems come in lots of sizes and shapes, but the trick is identifying what these are and then reinforcing them, followed by a solution. In one-on-one live sales meetings with prospects, sales champions ask lots of questions to uncover “hot buttons” relevant to what they’re selling. They’ll ask everything from questions about their prospects personnel, organization, current systems, current vendors, what applications they’re using, to who their decision-makers are.

Discovering a Prospect’s Hot Buttons Online Requires a Different Tactic

We like to compare hot buttons to pain. Measuring pain online requires some research relative to industry trends, conversations on relevant forums, and “current” keywords or keyword phrases most used in search queries – that are relevant to what you’re selling. Pain can be everything from high shipping costs to solutions that were more like disasters.  Without researching what’s going on, you’re taking a wild stab in the dark, so contact one of our Omaha SEO Consultants about a free competitive analysis.

On the Subject of Keywords

The keywords you use throughout your website should be relevant to “current” search trends. What was generating interest last month may have been eclipsed by the latest and greatest craze. Additionally, getting traffic from a search query that leads to a product or service that’s either in conflict with the search, unreadable (poor theme or contrast), not compelling, or out of alignment with the rest of the industry won’t convert well. Confused prospects never buy.

Connecting the Dots Between SERPS and ROI

If you dominate the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS) for a particular niche but aren’t converting anyone (low ROI), it’s time to re-think that niche. Sometimes, that’s as simple as tweaking your site to most closely match current “dominant” search queries – to your specific products or services. Ask an Omaha SEO Consultant to help identify these. Sometimes, improving ROI is about minimizing the risk of your prospect – by conveying trust. Again – know, like and trust are the key ingredients to every successful sales campaign (online and offline). These can be via guarantees or testimonials, lending credence to your brand.

Contact an Omaha SEO Company for help at (402) 522 6468!

Being number one in SERPs for a specific search query means nothing if no one but you are making that query. Being number one on Google doesn’t always translate to increased traffic or conversions that can sustain your business. Being number one for a search query that draws traffic, and increases your ROI, all begins with keyword research and competitive analysis like that offered by Omaha SEO Companies like Big Red SEO. Feel free to contact us today for any help you may need with e-commerce sales strategies for your business.

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