Facebook Live Episode 76: Kim's Unique Prospecting Strategy
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E76: Kim’s Unique Prospecting Strategy

This week we’re talking about Prospecting, and Kim’s unique approach to prospecting that she uses not only herself, but also works with her coaching clients to develop and enhance their businesses too!

Whether you’re just launching your business, or you’ve been at it a while, try these techniques to gain new customers or clients.

Did you miss our Facebook Live on Friday 10/12/2019? Here’s a link to the video and the full transcript below.

Hello world. This is Kimberly and Conor Treacy over here at Big Red SEO. We hope you guys are doing fantastic this Friday.

Hi Conor. Hello.

How are you? Welcome back.

Welcome back. I’m back in Omaha.


I had the opportunity last weekend’s to see my coach live as well as a lot of awesome souls and entrepreneurs and had a blast traveling.

But hey, we’re going to dive in.

Uhh give it a minute there. Yeah so Conor’s like hold on. Hold on. Hold on. So as you guys know, we actually restructured our Facebook lives a little bit different where we have specific agendas, and on the second week in the month. The agenda is to bring you a strategy.

So a lot of these strategies are going to be things that we’ve applied ourselves and/or they’re going to be the opportunities that we’ve had some clients be able to implement an experience success with.

So the thought process is, Today we want to talk about prospecting.

Whether you’ve just launched or even been in business for a while, you know that you need opportunities to come in for you to be able to sell and to make a great living right?

So the thought process with this is there are specific things that I’ve been able to test in not only my corporate world, this week I was actually asked what other jobs I had and it was quite interesting going through the audit of all the different types of sales that I’ve had.

But what I can tell you is the one area of success which I’ll attribute to a book called “The Compound Effect” by “Darren Hardy,” it’s all about consistency.

So the thought process is a lot of you guys are owning your own business, you’re stepping forward, you’re entrepreneurs, and you wear multiple hats. And one of those hats is the sales and prospecting aspect, right?

You know, that sometimes you can get into the weeds. We have experienced that ourselves where we get into the weeds of actually doing the projects, doing the work, and then so what happens is we take our eyes off of the sales. And so I kind of created this strategy which I’ve implemented in a lot of my coaching clients to kind of have like a metric, or a grid specific daily activities that can happen which creates like such a Compound Effect, right? Welcome lovely and glad you’re here.


So with this I want to kind of just lay the platform on a couple things.

One, this technique is going to give you the opportunity to build your pipeline consistently if you stick with it consistently, right? So that’s the key word here consistently.

The other part too is that you need to step in and commit. So what I mean by this is I see this happen all the time, whether we’re talking to website design clients and even coaching clients, they are like, I want to do this thing. I want to go full force and then they’re like, but I don’t believe it’s going to work.

You guys got to kind of clean that stuff up just a smidget, like even if you’re not good at sales.

Well, I think, if you don’t believe in it yourself, then there’s absolutely no way that it can actually work. So that Conor-ism for you for you guys.

Gotta love his brutal honesty. Don’t get me wrong.

Don’t quote me as being like “fake it till you make it.” it’s not a fake it till you make it situation.

If you don’t have your own belief in whatever it is you’re doing, that it will work, it’s doomed. It will not work.

I mean it’s kind of raw, right you guys? But I get launching a business and figuring out where that confidence comes from.

What I can say, by tenfold from working in this business, over multiple six-figure business as well as coaching six-figure business and all corporate, I was really good in the fact that I didn’t let the belief of it not working enter into my brain, right?

So to the point where, and I’ll share with you guys as a bonus, something that I used to do is called Blitz Days. So I would actually pick up the phone and I would have the intention of making a hundred phone calls that day.

There’s a lot of talk out there about so many dials, which get so much engagement, which get so much data.

I personally didn’t pay attention to all those statistics.

My whole thought process is, if I can touch a hundred humans today, that was my intention, and that was my goal, whether people say yes or no, or asked for quotes or not quotes.

The point is, I showed up and the majority of the time I had people ask for proposals. I had conversions.

And the cool part about it was that at the time, in my corporate world, management caught on and then they actually implemented out to the sales individuals or the sales teams and we had specific Blitz Days, and then whoever won on the connections for proposals and quotes actually got bonuses. So guess who got bonuses a lot, right?

We went on vacation. We went on many dinners. We bought furniture.

We did a lot of different things, right? But you know what goes down to the the smile and dial mentality, where you’re basically every time every time somebody answers and you go through your thing. You hang up, and then you start again. You know, you look at marketers and telemarketers a particular.

I mean, it’s a brutal job for those guys, you know, the abuse they get when they do call. Now, of course, everything is Robo Dialers, so it doesn’t really matter.

Let me clean this up just for a second, because I was a telemarketer and I never got abused.

I never got talked down to. I think I might have got hung up on once, and I actually had the balls to call them back and have a genuine conversation.

Were calling businesses not individuals?

It was a little blend of both right? Like it was it was in the recruiting world, so it was like not only the talent but it was also the businesses.

But I would just say like, yes, they can experience some specific sticky energy. We won’t get into that right now because this guy doesn’t like telemarketers, so he of course interjects that energy onto them.

So when he says there they get beat up a lot. This is Conor likes to beat them up. No, it really just depends on what I’m doing, you know, if it’s nine o’clock in the morning on a Monday morning at 9:00 a.m. That’s not going to go very far. And don’t call me on a Friday afternoon because that’s not gonna go very far either.

So just circling back around guys. Okay. So the thing is that you have to have a belief that it’s going to work right, and I get like, if you’re new to sales or it makes you a little bit of nervous, I would see if you can transition that energy to see it as practice. So believe it or not, how we find our voice, how we hammer down our elevator pitches or our ability to articulate exactly what we do, and why we do it, and how we do it, right it all comes down to practice.

How many ears can you have hear what the message is that you have to say, to the point that whenever you say it, it just rolls off the lips, and it doesn’t feel salesy at that point?

So there is some underlining other stuff here besides getting people in the door, right?

The other aspect is that consistency is required for a couple reasons.

A lot of times when you contact somebody right out the gate they might say no because they haven’t really thought of it yet. It’s the first time, just from an energy realm, that it’s entered into their fields.

The old terminology (saying) was seven connections in order to finally get somebody in for sale, right? So that’s like them walking in the door to say “hey, I want to sit down and meet with you, or let’s hop on a call now.” I think the numbers have changed, and social media has changed that as well, because we have different connections, but the thought process is, if you can stay in front of people consistently, and this is less marketing SEO stuff like that, if that makes sense, but if you can, if your person, your service, your product, can stay in front of people consistently where it’s not always salesy, that is the perfect prospecting garden if that makes sense.

And then there’s the other area of it, if you’re in an area where you’re wanting to grow your business and get prospects, it’s really important for you to identify in your community, and your contacts in the people that you follow on Facebook, how are you supporting their business?

So therefore they’ll genuinely want to support your business.

There’s a lot of individuals, here specifically locally, that I hear talk all the time of “oh, nobody’s sending me referrals. Nobody’s sending referrals.

Nothing’s happening. Nothing’s happening.” And then I kind of invite the question of, “okay cool, who have you helped out lately,” right?

We don’t want to keep tally of give and take, we do have extreme ownership in ourselves, but I can tell you that in my life, whenever I have stepped forward and figured out how can I add value to anybody, whenever I have a promotion, or I have a sale, they’re able to amplify my message and they want to share it. They want to encourage other people to find it.

Alright, that was a big mouthful.

Hopefully everybody’s joined in here. I typically tag people for watching.

But since I’m presenting I’m doing less tech stuff. Conor is just going to sit here and be quite. So with that, if your live thank you, thank you, thank you for tuning in. Looks like we got Ann in as well from California.

If you’re watching the replay welcome. So this is the part where I dive in okay, so really quickly in sales it’s important to establish the intention of what are you trying to do and by intention, I mean it’s easier if you have a specific product that you can kind of put your blinders on and focus on to be able to start to ramp up and get some momentum. The reason for this is, say you have seven products and you’re reaching out to somebody, it’s cool to reach out just in general, but sometimes people can get into decision fatigue. Even if you’re prospecting.

But if you have this one product and then you imagine the person in your brain, I’m going to kind of come from a visualization aspect, you can write their name on a piece of paper as well and you think about their personality whenever you go through the process of reaching out to them. You’re going to create a custom message. So within this part it’s important to set the intention of what’s the product? What’s the service? What’s the intention? What are you attempting to get them to purchase, opt-in, buy, etc. Are you wanting them to attend a Facebook live? Are you wanting them to sign up for a newsletter? Or you wanting them to buy a product?

Figure out what that intention is. Yeah, or even just feedback, you know reaching out to customers even asking past clients for reviews for example.

And we’ve done this. We’ve had to call up people or send out emails, and then do follow-up phone calls of “hey, you know, can you leave a review?” Some people will, and some people won’t. We have NDA’s and that’s just how our business operates, but you have to know, again what is the intention of things. What is it specifically?


So knowing specifically what it is that you want out of that transaction out of that communication.

Calling up and just saying “hey, what’s the weather like” that’s perfectly fine too. If it’s a genuine just “hey what’s going on?

“But the thing that you don’t want to do is call up and then just throw everything at them. “Hey, we’re doing this. Hey, we’re doing that. Oh, by the way, um, yeah, you know” and the next thing you know, it’s just it’s as you said earlier — decision fatigue.

Yeah, it can get quite sticky because people, whether you believe in energy or not, people read energy and attention first, so that’s the reason why for having it. Now there is nothing wrong with having the intention of, you want to sell something that you have. I truly have this belief that sales is our divine right and if we’re in a specific product and service, it’s all about the approach, right? So step one is to determine an intention. If for whatever reason you’re in a service or you’re selling a service and you don’t really have packages say that everything’s custom, and I wish I would have known this two years ago, even longer **confession guys** create a package, even If it’s a small intro package, even if it’s a small promotion, that’s a one-off spin, create something.

It’s cool to have custom.

A lot of our business is custom. Believe it or not the majority of it is. But it’s really easy to lead in with something (pre-made). So Loveleen for you. Tea towels.

I was in San Diego and I was like, “get a tea towel, tea towel, tea towel. I had to make sure I didn’t steal her thunder. “Buy the tea towels” Because they’re really beautiful, and then I feel Essence of them, right? So there’s a specific product.

You have your intention of whatever the product and service is.

So everyday, start with sending out three ships have the intention….

I personally love to create characters and things right, so with this visual aspect of me just being me guys, this is what I jam out with, this is what I help businesses in coaching. I’ve taken people from you know, two thousand dollars a month to five figures really quick and really fast.

So the thought this is send three ships out. Have the intention of sending three ships out a day. So for me, what ships are is; Quotes or official proposal. So the difference is “hey like yeah, go ahead and shoot me some information” vs “hey, I’m interested. Send me the details.” You can feel the energetic difference there. Right?

It’s also sending invoices out and then sending contracts. So depending on what your process is, the intention is to open your eyes and identify where can you send three ships in a day. Now when you very first start, you might be like Kim. I’m not sure I know that many contacts. I’m not sure if I know….

So here’s the deal,if you’re already doing the hustle you more than likely are already sending out different things, so count those in as the number, but the thought process is keep your eyes open for other opportunities where somebody’s like, “hey, I’m looking for this thing” or “hey, I want that thing.” Cool let’s see if we can have a conversation.

Let me send you some details. Let me send you some pricing.

By day four, you will actually start to feel the flow in the momentum of opening and expanding your vision, and here’s the other part, this actually invites you to reach out to other people and say “hey, I just created” or “I have this promotion of……

I wanted to reach out and see do you know anybody specifically that would be the ideal target market for this if so, can you do an introduction? Can you send them my way?” Believe it or not people want to help other people! And if you say it from an essence, which if any of you guys are smart, I would totally like rewind and copy and write that on a notebook. That was pretty good. I’m really good with the one-hit wonders on the finger.

So with your phone call out to your connection, you’re calling out with whatever the item is and not “I’m thinking about offering this.” It has to be something that you’ve already established.

You’ve already decided this is what you’re going to offer, this is what you’re going to ask for. That was perfect. He’s doing so good guys, you’d think he’s in charge of sales?

So, you’re definitely not calling out saying I’m “thinking” about doing this. What do you think? Yeah, you’re not asking for feedback. This is sales.


You’re here to get stuff done right guys, and here’s the intention or the here’s the deal, we’ll go all the way back around, there has to be a specific intention. Why are you doing it? Yeah, you could say “well I want sales to come in the door. That’s genuine. I get that. I see that guys, that’s why we’re here right? There’s multiple different layers why we’re here, but the thought processes is almost like a Tango.

You almost have to draw somebody in to be like “hey, I was I was thinking about you this afternoon, and I created this promotion, and I feel like it would be great for you, or I feel like you know people that would really benefit from this. I feel like this would add value to your life, it would add value to your home, to your business, and so forth.” And then kind of step back and be like, let me know if you want any details and believe it or not, they will flow. So really quick, this popped in, so Conor was talking about we would make phone calls to ask for reviews to follow up for reviews from our business. A lot of people love us, but they don’t want to give us reviews because they don’t want other people to know about us.

It’s something that we love and we do appreciate because they’re like, I have an SEO person and I’m not going to tell anybody. It’s almost like we’re the best kept secret.

There’s a there’s a fine line between it because if you tell other people about your marketing team, then people know now you’re doing marketing and what it is you’re actually doing. So in a lot of ways you wouldn’t share that information.

Yeah, so, you know, for a long time it bothered me that our reviews were so low, that bothered me, but the thing that offset all that was the bank account was really high. So then I didn’t really care anymore.

That’s the thought process. But with that, we would ask for reviews, and we would follow up for phone calls. And here’s the deal guys, they would say hey, I’ve been thinking for a while I wanted to update something and get it on my website. Can you send me a proposal? Do you guys get this?

There’s multiple different layers where we would get proposals, quotes , or just send me an invoice and schedule to do the work.

It’s a way to be able to keep in contact.

Now asking for reviews might be a very warm way for you to get in front of your tribe. If somebody has bought something from you, a product or service, or even time, you have a right, I think a divine right, to ask them for a review and to make the connection, mainly so you can find other people that are like-minded like them in the prospecting, and if you don’t ask that, then you’re missing out!

To use your analogy “You’ve missed the boat. ” Yeah, you missed the boat, this ship, right? And I’ll explain what happens with the ship’s here in a second because it’s kind of cool. So the thought processes in the ship’s, look for them every day and by day four you’re going to start to feel the flow in the momentum and then all of a sudden you’re like “Ping ping ping ping ping”, right and then the other thought process is to establish three follow-ups a day.

So again, I love numbers, right?

I’m a super busy business owner. So I don’t really go into the massive numbers. So at what point can I commit every single day! If you guys want to go higher in numbers, cool do it, just know that you can scale back if you need to go lower numbers.

But the thought process I would say is why not just go with three, and instead of just doing one. I get that one is kind of comfortable for some people, but we don’t want you comfortable. We want you to grow.

So the thought process is, figure out three follow-up. So follow-ups can be a phone call. It could be like, hey, I saw you at such and such event.

Hey it was so great to see you in San Diego. Can we hop on a call so I can learn more about your business. Get it? It’s about them. It’s about you learning about them.

And with that if you set a connection call, or follow up, ask them questions about their business and what their ideal clients are and see who you know that might be able to resonate with that. And then be curious and brave enough to ask them if they know somebody that might like your product and service. Someone that might value from your product and service.

Sales is not comfortable for a lot of people so believe it or not, having a phone conversation where you’re asking and leaning in and be like, “hey like who is your ideal client? In what in what way could I present you if I’m at a coffee shop. Can you tell me some of the basics that you are looking to on board in the next three months.” And even with your conversation when you’re reaching out or talking to the different people “in your ask” as Kim said, you’re asking this information and then you’re bringing in your thing.

If you’re asking them how things are going, or what it is it that’s going on.

That has to be genuine.

It has I cannot be just the way of opening up the door so that you can get your message in there. You literally have to be genuinely interested in what it is they’re doing, or what it is they’ve accomplished.

If the phone call ends at that point, after you’ve asked your question of “how are things going”, and they say say “hey, I’ve gotta run”. That’s alright. No big deal. You’re done.

There should be no disappointment in that. You got the information that you needed, which was a genuine question of how things are going and if there’s an opportunity for you to be able to spin things back around then that’s what you do.

I don’t know if you guys caught or not but that was my flirty face with him because I like how he says the word genuine.

Instead of genuine. It’s genuine.

A genuine conversation.

What you said was very valid, right? So people can feel if it’s just about you.

And I get in sales, yes, again. the intention is you’re looking to fill your pipeline. You’re looking to get prospects and grow.

I would just invite you to look at it a tad bit different of “okay, cool. I’m going to sell my products and services. But before I do that, I really genuinely want to see where is everybody at. What are they doing? What’s the fun things that they’re up to?” If you continue with that type of strategy, and you ride that, and you ride it hardcore, I am telling you, your business will grow by leaps and bounds and you’ll have people selling for you. We’re majority a referral-based business, one because we do a really good service but two because we’re always asking, how can we add value to other people and what way can we help you? Who are you looking for? What are you doing?

I was part of networking in person for many many years, and I would sit in those classes, or the events and I would watch people just go through the motions.

And every time, you can ask this guy, every time I’d get in the car, I would be like, my intention is to land one project.

And I made buku money because when I walked into the room the thought process was “where is a ship that I can send in today,” but I couldn’t just walk up and be like “hey, do you want an SEO proposal for nine months? Like let’s get it on!” Instead,I had to backtrack and be like hey, how is business going?

What areas are you looking to grow? Is there anything that I can make a connection.

By the way, I know this person that might be able to add value… And then before you know it, they come to me months later and say hey, I’m ready for SEO and then that would be classified as a ship (coming in). So it’s like a compounding effect.

Kind of like a pot like, hat do they call that?

The thing that you put in the pot. The pot that you put all the things in. What’s that thing called? A Crock-Pot!

I think I figured it out on my own. Yeah, anybody else know she was going that direction? I don’t know if they did. I don’t know.

But I do agree with the genuine, because people are going to feel that, and there’s a difference where if you’re nervous or you have anxiety of picking up the phone, they’ll feel that. But guys, like people are drawn to live videos on Facebook like this because they want people to be raw and genuine right?

So they accept the nervousness.

The tripping over your words as you kind of get used to saying the things.

But one thing people don’t have a lot of tolerance for is, it’s all about you.

And I get the pressure sales of “no is never a no.” I don’t really agree with that. It’s just not my jam. I will stretch people if they say no, I’ll stretch them a little further, but at the end of the day, if it’s a no for them, I kind of honor that. But here’s the deal, i’ll still circle back around and stay in front of them, because you never know what other connection that I can assist them with, again me adding value to them, but then in addition to it, you don’t know where you’ll land. We had one buddy that was like no no no, no, no and then he launched his business. He’s like, yes, and it was like a massive hell, yes.

We had another that was like no no no and it was like seven years guys, seven years, of no’s. And we just stayed in circles, stayed in circles, again the ships the proposals, the connections, just in kept them in there, and he bought a business. He sold that business in less than two years, bought another business, and then bought another business. And guess who who did the marketing for all those businesses which landed him to buying more businesses?

One of the things that that I’ve done over the years, some people that I have worked with in the past, or I know that they will eventually need marketing businesses of a variation, and that I’ll go play golf with them. Yeah golf is a good one for him.

For me, going doing a golf thing, whether it’s a tournament and invite somebody over to go to a tournament or we’re just going out for the weekend.

It’s just another way of staying in contact.

But again, it’s the genuine part of things that you really do want to be in contact with that person. You know, I’m not going out to play five hours of golf or four hours of golf with somebody that I don’t have an interest to be around.

I leave the course.

However, yeah. Yeah. Yeah, we won’t go into that. We’ll leave that one about one. Right? That’s a different episode for Conor and his views on that. Okay, so if you establish three follow-ups a day, right?

So follow-ups could be; First off, an ideal follow-up is pick up the phone and call.

There are less and less people picking up the phone and calling, and there was a conversation I actually had with somebody they’re like “don’t Millennials just text a message?” I don’t care what age bracket you land….

when people pick up the phone and call me and they’re like hey, I just wanted to catch up.

My heart expands.

My mind expands.

It’s different than getting a text messages. Text messages are acceptable, I’m not saying that they’re not, but be brave enough to pick up the phone and actually call. Be brave enough to want to strengthen your voice.

Texts and emails and messages, yes, they can be part of the follow-up process, but there’s something else that happens when you show up and actually pick up the phone. And a lot of the clients that I coach, the first area that they resist is picking up the phone. And when they blow through the resistance of picking up the phone and actually making the call! Wow! So here’s the deal, really quick example just flew in.

If you are selling a product, whatever your product is, you could do this for a service too, but if you sell a product, and you ship a product, pick up the phone a couple days after they’ve received their product and ask him how things are going.

Hhere’s a reason why. A lot of people will ship and they think okay it’s done. It’s over.

But really you want to hear what they want about the product. Yeah, you can send an automated “here, review my products, or hey, do these things” there’s a lot of automation.

But it takes balls for somebody to pick up the phone. But number two, I actually have multiple people do it and it makes me want to tell other people about their products even more. Does that make sense? Because then it’s a white glove service. It’s like “hey, did you get your product?” there’s one specific person in my energy circle that did this. She actually is really good at what she does and she followed up afterwards and I was like, oh my God, I feel special.

Somebody remembered me, past me just buying something.

So pick up the phone and actually call.

So when I ran my old hosting company, One of the things that I did every time somebody placed an order, now we had over 5,000 clients right there before I sold it, but every single client, I have talked to.

I’ve actually talked to them on the phone. A lot of my strategies I learned from him. I was a beginner’s mind when I started my business/ So I automatically went and plugged in to him. So what do you do, and how do you do it? And I watched him. And going from a business that was basically web and watching somebody just have the brilliance to pick up the phone and call. And people still, even with him selling, I think three or four years ago (6), they know.

They Google his name, and they find him, so he had to shut down a lot of other stuff and avenues to find it. They find you, which is brilliant.

B Basically the thing was that every person, I wanted to have that that personal connection with each person, and the way that we got around it, or the way that that I used it, was we did a voice verification.

When somebody signed up for a web hosting package, I would call them usually within 15-20 minutes of them signing up and saying hey, I’m the owner of Hands-on and that I’m just calling to verify that you placed an order. We’ve gotten it squared away and you should have an email in your mailbox.

Now there were a couple of things that happened there; I was doing a credit card verification making sure that it wasn’t a spammer or it wasn’t a fake order, but the second was that Personal Touch. A lot of the people would say, oh, wow, I can’t believe the owner of the company is calling.

Get that guys? The owner! So if the owner has the tenacity to pick up the phone and call and, I just want to say this real quick, a lot of owners kind of get this like this attitude and personality of “I’m the owner I shouldn’t have to call. I’m the owner I shouldn’t ….” I have seen the trend, we’ve been doing this for nine years, I have seen it seen a trend where more sales will convert when an owner talks to an owner. It just it just happens. And when there’s a mutual respect, and mutual integrity, and mutual added value, those ships rise together.

So make that make that phone call. Make that connection.

And as you said, with regards to the products that are going out, make that followup.

It gives that personal touch, but it also opens up that avenue for communication that “hey I really do give a shit and I want to know what’s going on.” So here’s the thought process for you guys again; three follow-ups a day. So that could be a phone call.

So first off to try and do a phone call.

Second option is follow through sequence in email.

Third is text.

Fourth is a Facebook message.

So the thought process is this follow-up is less about proposals right? It’s less about contracts, or payments and it’s more about you adding value.

You saying “hey, how’s life going” or you saying “hey, can you tell me more about your business? Hey, let’s grab a cup of coffee.

Let’s figure out how we can benefit each other.” So three follow-ups. It could also be like, say you met somebody at an event that was interested in your product, but they weren’t really sure as they asked for a business owner. That would be another thing of a follow-up that you can do.

When I very first started this technique, now I’ve kind of streamlined a little bit different and I don’t want to distract you guys with my streamline process I’ll talk about in the future, the core is that you get the structure now so you can start it.

But I used to have a binder filled with business cards.

I didn’t even have to think about who am I following up with today. I would put them in order and then I would do it on a specific day. So when I walked in, I knew the three people I was going to connect with, and then I knew the three people I was going to follow up with the next day, and the next day, and the next day. Again that compound effect. It comes through doing it consistently, to the point where by day three or day four. you have a flow and then all of a sudden it’s less of “who am I going to contact” because your brain is going to try and confuse you.

You have enough people, even if you only have 20 contacts that’s enough to do this for seven days.


So the thought process is established three follow-ups.

Calls are best. 3!

So here is the other thought process, determine where you can actually make three connections.

And what I mean by this is more online connection strategy.

It’s who can you follow on Facebook?

Who can you actually connect with via email?

It’s a little bit different than follow-ups. So connections is more like just a cold connection. You meet somebody at a coffee shop, boom they’re a connection, right? You meet him at a networking event. Boom. There’s a Synergy.

It’s more of hey, so uh, I mean a connection I had tea with a brilliant soul today and through conversations. She needed a service and then I knew the person to connect them with I reached out to the other individual and said hey, are you offering a, b, and c? She said yes! And I was like cool, I made the connection for them. Right? So that would be classified as one of my connections.

So it’s more of just a genuine “Hey, how’s it going? ” One of my favorite, favorite things y’all, i’m just going to say it; so I personally love making connections, by writing and sending out handwritten notes.

So I actually was doing something in the beginning of this week or last week, I’m not really sure, and I sit down and I have the intention and I have the addresses. Now sure you’re probably going to have to prep and figure out, oh my gosh, where do people live what are their address again?

If you make a connection beforehand asking somebody’s address doesn’t feel as sticky.

But say you’re selling a product, or you have a service and in the invoice they put their address, they have to put their address for you to process their credit card. You have their mailing address, right?

So it was either late last week early this week. I get a text message and it said “hey is this you?” “Did you send this, it feels like it’s you.” Sometimes when I send handwritten notes, I don’t actually put a return address but there are specific things that I do on the envelope that before they open it. They actually know it’s me, right.

I don’t necessarily put my name but I was like, oh my gosh, like this is super cool. Somebody texted me back that that was me, but they I knew it was me.

I personally love, love, love, handwritten notes when I get them guys.

Just the magic that happens, and especially when I get them from clients!

Like whether it’s a hey, thank you so much, etc. So connections could be calls, emails, etc, but it also can be handwritten notes. So if you make an intention to write three handwritten notes a week, who has impacted your life? Who is stepping forward on Facebook? Who is launching their business and you’re like, I love what you’re doing and I’m learning from you consistently all the time?

So the thought process is connections are not salesy.

It’s more like stepping in and being like hey, there’s a difference between connection and follow-up.

Does that make sense? Hopefully you guys are getting this. I’m like really lit.

Emily’s here!

Conor., she wants more whiskey episodes.

No whiskey today! But we do have one of our merchandise. We got these like years back.

Did you call them solo pints?

Silly Pints. So they’re made out of silicone and on the bottom. They actually have where you can return them so they can get recycled properly, which is super cool. Right its made of silicon.

One of the neat things, one of the selling points on it was that you could make brownies and then put that in the oven. And that was why I bought them y’all cause I get like cook brownies and put them in the oven and I’ve never had a brownie set up like this, but hey, it is what it is. Right?

Okay. So the next area in prospecting first off if you guys are getting this awesome. I love it.

Well, I mean I’m going to just do what I do because I’ve got people saying that they’re loving it. Okay, that’s fine. So, did you need to recap anything or you know, what happened?


So here’s the deal guys every day we’ve already got three ships.

Three ships which means sending out proposals, contracts, quotes, invoices, getting payments type of things.

The other part is three follow-ups, right? So it’s start with a phone call, email, text Facebook messages, however you want to do it.

Less about proposals, contracts, payments, and more about adding value, whatever version of adding value that is there.

The third one is make three connections. So whether it’s handwritten note or reaching out. Hey, I saw you on Facebook love the family, congratulations on a new pet. Like you guys get it like it’s not just about business at this point because you want to be in front of other people. So connections also, I mean creatively how you can get around it is, say that you see somebody on Facebook and you actually not only like or love their status but you actually put a comment, that could be classified as a connection if you want to. I do that all the time.

The next area is ten phone calls a day.

Tough one. Did anybody else’s pet start to sweat?

So the thought process with this is again, i’m going to leave it to you. If it’s you letting somebody know about a promotion you got, or you following up on an order that was placed, or I mean technically you could probably even pick up the phone and ask “hey, do you know anybody that’s looking for a Christmas holiday gift. I’ve got a couple different unique options,” right?

I’m gonna let you decide that but the intention of these ten phone calls a day is for you to step in and tell people what is it you do or, well first off, who you are. What is it you do, why you can help them or somebody else in their community, or somewhere else within the universe, and then what it is that you actually need or want from them. For the clients that actually pick up the phone and call, you cannot be attached to the outcome.

What I mean by this is, if somebody says no, I’m not interested, you can’t take it personal don’t assume, don’t take it personal. Some people are just not going to be ready, and that’s cool.

Your entire duty is to just pick up the phone and make the calls, but also don’t make it autopilot, right? So don’t just be like “Oh, I’m I got to do ten calls. Let’s just do them and get them out of the way.” Guys intention and energy is going to set this up.

It might get to the point where if you actually commit to doing time calls and you hit by day five, you’re like him, I’ve got too much business. I’ve got to process all this stuff! Cool, you decide if 10 makes sense moving forward, but what I would do is I would invite you to make ten phone calls over the next seven business days guys. It makes a difference in whenever I start working with unification. And you said make ten calls over the next seven days that’s 10 calls per day right? Yeah, so ten phone calls per business day over the next seven days. Does that make sense?

Again, you can lessen the calls and the numbers if you want. These are the metrics that I’ve tested and I’ve done myself and got results and have my coaching clients using. So when I onboard somebody at the very very beginning the first thing I do is figure out what the intention is. Figure out what the product and the service is.

They’ve invested in my coaching and it’s not small chump change.

I really step in dynamically, and then so their thought processes is they’ve just invested in, and sometimes investing can be scary depending on the amount, and so my first intention is alright, let’s get your pipeline filled. So they get that investment back really quick and really fast.

If you’re brave enough to make the 10 calls per day, and I’m giving the caveat of seven business days because maybe some people don’t work on weekends, maybe some people do work on weekends, you figure that part out, but actually picking up the phone is going to help you practice your elevator pitch, your voice, your package, you’re being able to hear no, and again don’t take it personal, be unattached to the outcome.

So within all of these different activities, what can happen is if you stay consistent as a Compound Effect, all of a sudden one day, like say if you keep with it, day 21 you walk into the office and all of a sudden you’ve got 17 ships coming at you because here’s the deal. The ships that you sent out, the three ships you send out a day, the three connections you make a day, then three follow-ups you make a day, all of a sudden they will start to convert and come in, in their own unique timing. So they may not land all at once. So it’s a thing where you have to step in and you have to do and you have to stay consistent with it be unattached to the overall and just look at the metrics and be like Okay, I’m going to do dot dot dot and I’m going to consistently do dot dot dot type a thing.

All of a sudden you’ll walk in one day and there are ships in your ocean, and they’re coming in, and it’s less you having to sell. Now, I invite you, when this happens, because I’m going to say it will happen if you do it, don’t stop.

So the key shift here is The Compound Effect, and if you get to the point where you’re like gosh Kim, I can’t manage all these things, you find that you can! Loveleen, the people that are placing their orders, maybe it’s the individuals that can actually have your products at their locations, that can be classified as a call right?

Maybe it’s holistic clinics or holistic areas, yoga studios.

More and more yoga studios are selling heart filled products of all different artists.

Like here in Omaha, we have the thing called The Hop Shop or what’s that thing that artist thing over in Omaha? Oh Hot Shops.

So Hot Shops, I think it has like 60 or 70 different artists in one building right now, it would be a goldmine for you to just place calls all different art.

I get it I get it. Right so the numbers can kind of be a little …..


Back to the focus.

If you do this, don’t stop. Yeah, and one thing with the don’t stop and of things, once you’ve gotten off the phone or you’ve received the email of a sale, and you’ve received the yes, you know, it’s moving forward, it is moving forward, or you just collected the payment, that is the time to pick up the phone and make your next call. You’re already on that high.

So use that to your advantage and take it to the next step.

Just make those phone calls and double up on it. So here’s the deal guys, it works. I’ve seen it time and time again. It’s one of the ways that we actually launched the business and establish and continue the pipeline being filled over and over and over right?

Sometimes it’s not for everyone. It’s kind of interesting, once I said like ten calls all of a sudden the people that were watching exited out.

Yes. Yes.


That’s too much work.

I get it, I get it. And like the thing is eventually it gets easier, right? And so a couple things that I get countered on sometimes, especially with coaching clients, i’ll use this as an example; they’re like, I don’t have that many people to call.

That would be my excuse. They actually do!

They they may not have a lot of people in their CRM, but they know friends, and they know family, and they know people in their community, and they can connect with people in Facebook. Again, it’s all about The Compound Effect, right?

It’s one of those things, and then also just being brave enough to just pick up the phone and call a stranger and be like, this is what I do and I’m really good at it, and I’m super passionate about it. I want to add value to your business. Can you add value to my business?

Let’s go. Let’s grow You’re saying pick up the phone and make these calls, that’s not to say that you can’t do that in person.


It’s going to have a little bit more weight when you were there in person. In person will have a lot more weight, but the downside of the “in person” is that you’re going to spend a lot of time traveling from spot to spot and that’s where that phone is really going to come in handy. You could be doing this, in and out, hour and a half of your day and you’re done!

So here’s the deal, I do this in my car.

I’m in between appointments and I’ll make one call here one call there one call here one call there. I might do three calls in the office.

People call in and I count those! If it’s a phone call, whether it’s coming in or going out, I’m counting guys.

So that’s the thing, and that’s the thought process, is it’s a compound effect.

Hopefully you’re open to it. I mean our business has grown substantially from it and you’ve even adapted some of it. Not as high in the numbers, right!

I have adapted some of it. I’ve adapted the part where I go play golf and smoke cigars. Which is classified as a connection.

I have met many clients at the cigar place.

But stepping in, making those phone calls or visiting with those people in person, you know, it’s always a good thing.

And even with people that you don’t know, being in those communities, being in those environments, where you can make those connections that’s that’s your next step. We were at a Facebook event last month, now, there’s probably 200 people there in the room, but that was a great opportunity to be able to network with some other people that are either involved or wanting to learn how Facebook and social media systems all work. And we end up making a really good connection with a gentleman from Lincoln, and we’ve had a couple phone calls back and forth. And so that was an opportunity that we wouldn’t have had if we hadn’t gone to this free event that I think it was an hour.

But the thing was that the opportunity was out there. You just have to go get it and that’s the same in any business, the opportunity is there. Yes, you have to do the work to get it done. And that’s the thing guys, sometimes in sales a lot of people don’t talk about metrics like this. I created it one because my my brain loves it, it thrives off of lot of order, right? So when I walk in, and it might take some prep like when I very first started it. I was just like; three, three, three, ten, right so I’m like boom boom. Boom. Boom. Boom!

And I would get it to the point where I would, as soon as I woke up and I started my day, I would do this.

Whenever I very first started because I was like, okay everybody else is asleep or nobody else is doing ….. I’ll just slide in and actually do these things.

Less phone calls earlier that morning unless I knew they were early birds, right? So that the other thing, is if you know, your people are morning people, pick up the phone and call them in the morning, and don’t forget about time zones.

If you’re in California and you’ve got clients potentially in New York, go ahead get up early. It’s already the middle of their day.

It’s very Unique process I created it and tested it myself. I have my coaching clients do it.

If you can bust through the phone call, that’s where the most resistance is in, and again not attached to the “is it going to work is it not going to work” not attached to are people going to like me or not like me. So really quickly, this just dropped in; a lot of people say that they feel like they’re going to get rejected right? They feel like they’re going to be like they feel anxiety because they’re afraid they’re going to get rejected right? I would Counter that what I have found time and time again with working with my clients is it’s actually not the fact that you’re worried about being rejected and it’s not the fact that you’re worried about people liking you.

What’s really the core is that you’re upset at the fact that you actually care about being rejected and being liked if that makes sense. Yes, we want our products to thrive. Yes. We want everybody to say, yes, but if they say no, just honor the fact that like maybe right now is not the right fit for them.

I had a call last night with a Potential Prospect and it was quite interesting because having the conversation of pricing and stuff like that, it kind of got a little uncomfortable for the individual and it was cool. I get it. I understand.

The thought processes is, if it’s not good right now, that’s cool. Would you like me to add you to a list for a different promotion or I would invite you to follow us on Facebook because we do a weekly Facebook live where we add value for businesses, you can sign up for Newsletter you can get information material our websites filled with tons of blog articles and information.

So the thought processes the conversation doesn’t have to stop if somebody says no or somebody just says, you know right now might not be the right time. The thought process is cool, where else can you add value?

Right and you you can know just by me stating this during the call, I added value to the other person as well and learned about them, and what are they looking for? And how how do they adapt and how do they thrive and what way could I help in any essence? To add value to them.

And even from their end to be able to reflect themselves on their own business or on their own process to be able to take it to the next?

Hopefully you thrive off of this.

Hopefully you take action with it! It’s one of my favorites; three, three, three, ten!


Let’s do it!

But yeah, so that’s it for me and my show does anybody have any questions before we sign off? Conor is giving me the “hey, yo, hey, it’s almost been an hour.” we can we try to make these things short and it just doesn’t work.

The goal is 20 minutes.

We say that about the bedroom to the goal of 20 minutes and hours later.

He’s like, hey, Jermey! Jermey what’s going on man. If you have any questions, feel free to paint them below. I’m happy to answer them live on the fly here. We’ll just take take a couple minutes in case there’s any questions.

If you’re feeling resistance pop in there. Let’s chat it out. I mean you have access to me right now.

Well, no, like people might be typing in don’t say wrap up, wrap up, wrap up. Wrap up!

Okay, so if there is no questions; going once, going twice, sold. All right. I think everybody got it. I think it was very straightforward.

Alright, then you have to wait to 20 seconds to find out if there was anything. Yeah. We’re on a 20-second delay. I think we’re good. I mean I have my mobile. So I think I think we’re good. So it looks like Loveleen adorable.

She’s had Ann joined us. Emily joined.

Nicole joined. Look at you guys. Deb joined.

Deb. She does a Facebook live Friday thing too its kind of cool.

Kaci joined. Aww Kaci, she’s got good products.

Emily yay, Rebecca and Jeremy thank you guys all for tuning in live. Thank you for everybody that’s joining us for the replay. Conor is going to take this live and do his magic in his software editing and load it into YouTube.

It will still be available within the page. So if you need notes, sometimes YouTube’s a little bit easier to write everything down. So if you have to watch it again.

But I hope you guys enjoy the strategy and I hope you’ll build your business and actually take consistent consistent action. Compound Effect guys.

Till next time thanks so much. See you. Alright guys – bye now!

Thank you.

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