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Exact Match Domains (EMD) Still Work for SEO – Buy One!

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    If you’ve spent any amount of time reading about search engine optimization, there’s a good chance that you’ve come across the topic of domain name SEO. If you haven’t read about this specific topic, you may have wondered about the impact of your Omaha business domain name on your website’s rankings in Google. Answering those questions is why we put together the following primer:

    Big Red SEO’s Guide to Exact Match Domains

    The term exact match domain or EMD refers to a domain name that corresponds to a search engine keyword phrase. For example, people search for the phrase “used cars Omaha” around 2,900 times a month. The EMD for that phrase would be The reason a dealership might consider registering that domain and building it out is that having this exact match between search phrase, and domain name can help a site rank higher in Google.

    While this approach to domain name SEO can provide a substantial boost, there are several other factors to keep in mind. For an EMD to rank well, it needs to be correctly optimized and promoted through a mix of SEO best practices. Another critical factor for a website built on an exact match domain is that it requires excellent, value-add content. Although the material does need to be properly optimized for the target keyword phrase, what’s even more important is that the content’s 100% original and provides real value to visitors who read it.

    The Most Important Thing to Remember About Domain Name SEO

    Since registering and building out an exact match domain is an investment, it is essential to know how to choose a domain name. Not only do you want an EMD with search volume, but you want a domain that can grow with your company. The most common mistake Omaha businesses make with purchasing only an exact match domain is they choose a domain name based on the services they offer today.

    For example, if you are a local salon that chooses, you run the risk that someday the therapist will no longer be with the salon. In that scenario, building the main SEO services around this domain means all the efforts may become null and void in the future. Approaching EMD and SEO on a long-term basis is the best way to avoid making that kind of mistake.

    Call (402) 522-6468 for Help with Domain Name SEO and Much More

    If you’re just getting started with SEO for your business, we can help you understand the complexity of the internet marketing world. Also, if your company is looking for advanced strategies that can help your Omaha website grow to the next level of traffic, we can help you as well. Feel free to call us today at (402) 522-6468 to discuss how Big Red SEO can help with your specific needs.

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