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Expectations from an Omaha SEO Company – Part 2

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    Omaha SEO Company_Big Red SEOLast week we shared expectations we at Big Red SEO have regarding our clients. Due to the popular feedback of this last article “Expectations from an Omaha SEO Company Part 1 of 2“, we wanted to share the last two expectations. We realize that these last two expectations might not sit well with some people who are new to SEO or currently receive Search Engine Optimization services, but this post is to state the truth, even if your Omaha SEO consultants have not stated the following expectations they are there.

    Honesty Is The Best Policy – Especially With SEO

    One of the main reasons Big Red SEO has been successful regarding Omaha SEO is that we are open and honest with our clients. We discuss the two expectations with our prospects and clients on a continual basis. We attempt to educate our clients beforehand on what to expect by providing a simple graph timeline. Every Omaha SEO consultant should realize clients are excited about seeing Search Engine Results increase. When they understand the process of how things work the excitement is more appealing and satisfying as they truly see the hard work being performed.

    There is a science to organic SEO and depending on the age of the domain, it might take longer to rank within the search engines. This doesn’t mean we can’t achieve the search engine results your company deserves it might just take some creative manipulation. I hope you enjoy these last two expectations!

    Don’t Question the SEO Process After It has Begun

    An Omaha SEO company should provide you with a timeline or an outline of what will happen and when within the SEO campaign. It typically takes from 30 to 60 days to see organic results within a website. At Big Red SEO, we realize you paid for a service and want to see results today but that isn’t how it works. We are doing magic in the background by cleaning up your current website or creating a new website, getting rid of graphic ads that are not needed, creating quality content and performing keyword research along with other essential Search Engine Optimization processes to get the best results. If you have questions of where things are, we always welcome an email. We ask that you don’t try to perform any Search Engine Optimization on your end as it might affect what we are in the process of performing. You should receive a Search Engine Optimization report at least ONCE a month. We can provide reports more often, per request. We ask for all clients to give us the time to perform our jobs. Listen to what we tell you, learn what we are showing you and trust that we are the experts within the Omaha SEO industry. Remember, our business is results driven-we want to get you results so we can keep you as a partner.

    Don’t Expect Results Overnight

    If I had a dollar for every person who asks for results reports a week or two after we started a Search Engine Optimization campaign, I would be on a beach enjoying an adult beverage. Usually with our contracts we will put a timeline which states that the link-building campaign will not start until after week four as we have to perform the website analysis and do keyword research. I realize that Search Engine Optimization can be exciting. Our clients are not purchasing a tangible product, so you want to ensure we are doing our job you are paying for, but you also have to give any SEO campaign time. Within a Search Engine Optimization campaign, you will not receive results overnight. At times organic SEO can take two to four months to start to see a pickup in traffic. If the domain is brand new it can take even longer.

    We had a client jump ship on their contract with us as they spoke with another SEO company that guaranteed them page one, rank number one results within a week. Not only did this company get sand boxed (yes, this term is true and valid), but they came back to us and were willing to pay a start-up fee as we had to start all over with the process. As mentioned in my last article, guaranteed doesn’t always mean a good thing. Be patient with results because any SEO company worth their salt will explain the process of SEO and help you feel at ease to let things happen naturally.

    Contact Big Red SEO Today!

    Do you have questions about the Search Engine Optimization expectations? Contact Big Red SEO at (402) 522-6468. Our mission is to help businesses be found where their customers are looking. More than ever, potential customers are searching for services in their local area. We can help you get the results you deserve.

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