Expectations from an Omaha SEO Company Part 1 of 2

Omaha SEO Company_Big Red SEOMany companies are under the impression that they are the only decision maker as to which SEO company they use. This is true for many that claim to be an Omaha SEO Company, however, it is not always the case with Big Red SEO. Why? We select our clients. We have built our business by selecting clients who are like-minded and who we can create a long-term partnership with.

How Big Red SEO Sets The Standard

Big Red SEO has made it a rule to work only with one company, per industry, per region. This helps us be able to offer companies our time and resources without the clients having to worry about us working with their competition. Search Engine Optimization is very results driven, so when we are approached by a prospecting company we will perform a website analysis to determine how competitive the market is. We also look at what the business owners, operators and managers have done to date for SEO.

Our Expectations From Clients

At times, we make the decision not to work with a prospecting company if they do not understand our ethics and have a mild concept of what SEO is.  This does not mean we require our clients to be experts of Search Engine Optimization, we just need them to want to learn a little bit to understand where their money is being invested.  Many prospects are surprised that during our information gathering process, we are actually interviewing the prospecting company to see if we would be a great match. This approach has helped us create and maintain great business relationships while providing us the best marketing ‘word by mouth’.

Some Search Engine Optimization Companies in Omaha will agree to perform services for you as long as you sign over a check. While money is great our Team focuses on questions like, “can we get your company the expected results?” and “is this company someone who we want to affiliate with?” Below, our SEO Team offer three tips to help you set expectations for an Omaha SEO Company:

There Is No Guarantee in Search Engine Optimization – Here’s Why

Several SEO companies will offer you guarantee and/or state that you don’t pay until you get position 1, page 1 results. Due to the Internet always changing, at Big Red SEO, we do not offer a guarantee. Personally, if our SEO Team busts their ass and do everything in our power to get you the search engine rankings you deserve, we still do not control the search engines. Policies and procedures can change daily within the search engines such as Google. We pride ourselves on constantly learning and keeping up with the changes, however there is no way we can guarantee what works today will work tomorrow. We have had several prospects approach us as they were told not to go with a SEO Company if they didn’t offer a guarantee. As mentioned in our article “Guaranteed Number One in Google – the Truth Behind the Line!“, a guarantee is not proof that a company is good at what they do, that they will deliver the results you’re looking for or follow the rules provided by Search Engines.

All SEO experts should be in the business of  ‘getting results’. At Big Red SEO, we work hard to get you the results you need so you are happy and will continue to employee our Team for SEO services. We want you to trust us fully before signing our SEO contract. We have found sometimes the word guarantee doesn’t mesh with the trust factor. If we have to provide you a guarantee, we have not proven our expertise enough in the decision process. SEO is not a cheap investment, if it’s done right you will get better results than you expected. That in our mind is better than any guarantee in the world.

Don’t Go Only By Price in SEO

The quote “you get what you paid for” comes to mind quite often when I am speaking with prospects and clients. When we are approached by companies we try to position Search Engine Optimization as an investment, not an expense. Why do we do this? If SEO is done right you will get more traffic than any billboard, yellow pages or flyer marketing out there. Now, we do get approached by companies who have received pricing from India or other local SEO companies who flat out low ball an honorable SEO price. Sometimes, the lowest price is not always the best. Learn more in our article “Black Hat SEO on a Shoe String Budgets“. An SEO Company should be  helping you understand the importance of SEO. If they have done this correctly, you will gladly pay the cost they are proposing.

Several companies will allot a budget just for SEO. If you don’t have funds set aside, I strongly recommend budgeting starting soon. With our world being so technology focused, your business needs to be where people are looking and that is within the search engines. If your company or manager is paying for yellow pages (the book), I would recommend re-evaluating by asking yourself when was the last time you picked up yellow pages and looked through it? It still amazes me how many people pay for the expensive advertising within the yellow pages. Again, people don’t know what they don’t know. Business owners who pay assume people are still using the yellow pages. I personally use mine for kindle in the fireplace on cold winter nights.

Don’t Judge an Omaha SEO Company Due to the Amount of Links They Have

I was recently informed that a competitive Omaha SEO company did a power point presentation and showed all the reasons why the prospecting company should not do SEO with us. One of the big areas was the amount of links we have. Now, I will be the first to admit that link building is a very important step of ALL Search Engine Optimization campaigns. When I was approached with this information I took a deep breath as I know our link count is not as big as the BIG SEO firms. I would encourage all companies to focus on the keyword search for an Omaha SEO company versus rating a company on links. If they are ranked top 3 to top 5 for the majority of the SEO keywords, that is proof to pudding that the Omaha SEO company more than likely knows what they are doing (as long as Black Hat SEO is not being performed). At Big Red SEO, we don’t believe in buying 5,000 links that are from Canada, India and any other naughty site or non industry specific for that matter. Instead we build successful, quality link building campaigns that helps us with the results we are looking for.

At Big Red SEO, we strive to communicate upfront what we expect from our website design and SEO clients. Our direct approach and professionalism has placed us in the position where companies come to us instead of us marketing out to them. Do you have questions about the Expectations our SEO Team have provided? Feel free to call Big Red SEO at (402) 522-6468 or you can fill out a contact form at your convenience.

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