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Big Red SEO Discusses Five Features of an Outstanding Logo

Every advertisement, business card, and social platform is signed with your company’s signature. A logo, more often than not, is the first impression of your brand and how many people continually identify your company. If you’re not sure if your logo represents your brand in a clear and memorable way check out the five features below that our team at Big Red SEO thinks to create an outstanding logo.

Less is Often More

The best logos are simple and thus, easily recognizable. The most successful companies of our time display logos that are one color, one image, or one word. Think Starbucks, Nike, and Apple. These logos are simple and to the point. In this age of advertising saturation, simplicity over complexity wins in consumer recognition.

Make Your Own Mark

Your business is unique and it requires a custom design. Resist the temptation to download a free clip-art or a prefabricated logo design. Unless you want your business branding message to say, for example, “My coffee shop is just like every other coffee shop,” a custom logo is necessary. Remember, every signature is unique, your business logo needs to make its own mark in the world. A single noteworthy concept that is easily associated with a product or service will take your business far.

Capture Your Atmosphere

Your business has its own specialties, its own history, and its own story. A logo creation service wants to know all of this, they will want to know the personality of your business and let it shine. Together you will build a look with color, style, art, or a font that demonstrates your brand. For example, the dancing shadow IPod® logo, it shares a personality between both the product and the consumer and creates an immediate bond between the two.

Aim to be Memorable

When designing your logo, ask yourself, “Is it memorable?” Logos have become such an implicit part of our consumer reactions; there are even mobile “logo quiz” game apps. A logo pops up and the user has a time limit to match logo to company. You may want to try to imagine your logo within this game. Does your business branding stand up to Coca-Cola®, Twitter®, or Amazon®? But beware! Do not allow yourself to fall into the trend-trap. The logos most memorable stand out for every generation. When building a business intent on growth, a memorable logo will speak of a solid history and an exciting future.

Adaptability is Required

Lastly, remember that your brand must be consistent across varied platforms. A good logo must be recognizable in small print, as in a business card, and also in large format, like a billboard. Choose colors that translate to both print and web-design. The consistency of your logo speaks to your business’ commitment to quality. A grainy logo on a letterhead, for example, shows a lack of attention to detail. Logo creation services will provide your logo in the best format for each platform, make sure these are available to the persons and departments that display your signature to the public.

Does a Good Logo Mean Successful Marketing?

Successful businesses consider logo creation services to be an integral part of marketing success. Here at Big Red SEO, we strongly agree. An outstanding logo is just as important to your marketing success as a solid and well put together website. Custom logo creation is definitely something that needs to be taken seriously.

How Big Red SEO can Help

During the process, many drafts and ideas are often shared before the perfect logo is matched to a business brand. If you need some ideas to start off, or guidance with the re-design of your current logo, please feel free to contact our recommended logo design partner CreativeMark at (402) 201-1011. They’d be happy to help you capture your image!

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