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Get End-User’s Attention with Your Omaha Web Design!

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    Let’s say you own a clothing store and you decide to put a couple of cute pairs of shoes in your storefront. That same day, you get five women in the door looking to try on your newest addition of shoes. While they’re still in the store, they simply can not resist checking out the rest of your boutique’s selection! Why do you think that is? It’s because you made your store appealing to potential customers.

    The same is true for your online website, but it’s even more vital in order to keep visitors attention and convert them to sales. People’s attention span on the web is short-lived. Think about yourself–how often have you searched for an answer on a website only to find that it does not load quickly enough for you? What usually happens? More often than not, people abandon that website, click the back button, and try the next web link in the search results to hopefully find what they’re looking for.

    We live in a world where all the information we could want is instantly at our fingertips. Unfortunately, if your website doesn’t move fast enough to satisfy the need for instant answers, you’re going to get left behind. Did you know that you have the equivalent of about 3 clicks to get your end-user what they want or you’ll lose the website visitor? And once you lose a visitor, the chances are pretty slim that they’ll ever come back. That being said, our Omaha web design team wants to help you out by grabbing your end-users attention and keeping them there. Learn more below from Big Red SEO.

    What Does Your Mind Pay Attention To?

    According to research, our minds automatically pay attention to certain things subconsciously. For instance, take your name–everyone relates to someone that shares the same name. In addition, people focus on things that are new to them, things that cause them to feel emotion, contrast (before and after pictures), suddenly seeing something they want everywhere (like a designer purse), and physical needs—like food. Now, how can you bring your target audience’s attention to your website using these kinds of indicators?

    Plan your Omaha Web Design for Scannability

    Yes, people still like to read. How do we know this? Because new novels are coming out every day and people are buying them. However, when people are reading on the internet, they’re reading to get some kind of information quickly, so they can get back to life. If your website is full of page after page of text-heavy content, it’s likely that your end-user will look at it, turn around, and click back out to go somewhere else.

    Note: Eye-tracking software has tracked users’ reading in an F-pattern on Omaha web designs. Therefore, your important information needs to be at the beginning of sentences and paragraphs as opposed to the end.

    The Speed of Your Website is Important

    If your users’ attention span is already limited, do you think they’re going to wait 30 seconds for your website to load? No! 30 seconds may not seem that long until you put it into perspective. In 30 seconds you could’ve sent and received an email, exercised (sprinting uses a lot of energy), or called in food for lunch. In 30 seconds they could have easily found what they wanted and gone on to something else. Time is money! If your Omaha web design isn’t fast enough, the user will leave for a site that is up to their standards.

    Users Want Pictures

    Our Omaha web designs at Big Red SEO focus quite a bit on pictures. Users want to see images and pictures! If your website is promoting weight loss, but you don’t give any proof that your product works by providing before and after pictures, the probability of you selling that product goes down exponentially. Give examples! It’s easier to explain something to someone if you also have concrete samples to back it up with. We all learn differently, so make sure your information comes in diverse forms so your target audience stays on track with you.

    Contact Big Red SEO Today at (402) 522-6468

    As you can see, designing a website takes a lot of thought. Here at Big Red SEO in Omaha, designing websites is what we love to do! It’s like a fun puzzle for us. If you have any questions or are overwhelmed with your own website, contact us today at (402) 522-6468.

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