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Get Your Omaha SEO Basics Right with Big Red SEO!, Part 1

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    Omaha SEO Starter Guide_Big Red SEOBuilding your online marketing strategy is the same as constructing a building—you have to start from the ground up, otherwise the process goes nowhere fast. With a building, though, it’s easy to figure out where the ground is because, well…it’s the ground.

    Things are not so simple with internet marketing, specifically SEO, though! If you’re having trouble figuring out how to “break ground” on your SEO strategy, our search engine optimization team at Big Red SEO is here to give you some guidance.

    First and foremost, we at Big Red SEO know that a solid long-term Omaha SEO strategy is built on the page. You can have all the awesome PR campaigns, outreach initiatives, and great link profiles you want, but if you don’t have the seemingly small, on-page basics of SEO done right, all the traffic in the world wouldn’t help you make a sale. Our team at Big Red SEO is the best local SEO company in Omaha for a reason—we know the foundations of on-page SEO like the backs of our collective hands, so read on to learn from our Omaha SEO experts what you can do to shape up your web pages and make them great for SEO!

    Basic SEO Step 1: Focus on Title Tags

    We told you we were going to start small, but maybe you didn’t believe us. You may be thinking, “are title tags really worth spending a paragraph to talk about?” Yes, they really are! Title tags are the first thing that a searcher looks at when they see your page listing in the search engine results page (SERP). Not having a great title tag on your page is like showing up to a blind date with mustard stains on your lapel—you want to make an impression, and that you do! A bad one.

    So how do you make your title tags great for SEO? First, make sure your keyword is included in the tag, as well as any variants you want included. Put the keyword at the beginning of the title tag, with variations afterward. This ensures that someone looking at your listing in the SERP will see the keywords that they’re looking for right away and will thus be more likely to click on yours. Write your title tags naturally—don’t force keywords in or sound like a robot, because nothing’s more untrustworthy than a title tag that sounds forced.

    Note: It used to be that title tags could be around 70 characters, but since Google’s recently changed how it displays search results, our Omaha SEO experts at Big Red SEO recommend title tags that are no longer than 55 characters. And you thought tweets were short!

    Basic SEO Step 2: Work on Your Meta Descriptions

    A meta description is the text that displays on the SERP directly beneath your title tag and URL. If title tags are important for a good first impression, the same goes for meta descriptions, except doubly so. You have more room in a meta description (around 150 characters) to continue the good work you did in Step 1. Include your keyword and variants early on so searchers know right away what they’re clicking on, and for the love of Pete (huh, who’s Pete?), sound natural. This is the first opportunity you have to let searchers know what your brand’s all about, so don’t flub the experience with weird-sounding language that’s over-optimized for the search engines.

    Note: Remember, in search engine optimization you main goal is to write to people first and search engines second. 

    Contact Big Red SEO Today at (402) 522-6468!

    At Big Red SEO, we’re great at explaining what makes the process of search engine optimization work. Every company’s experience level with SEO is different—some know what it is and just don’t have time to manage a strategy themselves, while others have no idea where to begin. Our Omaha SEO experts cater to all kinds of small and medium-sized businesses, so if you want more online exposure for your business, give us a call today at (402) 522-6468!

    Stay tuned for the next part in this series: Get Your SEO Basics Right with Big Red SEO!, Part 2

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