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Google Analytics Snapshot for July 2019 – Reporting Error

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    This week we were contacted by a couple of clients that they saw a massive drop in their “Average Sessions Duration” in Google Analytics.

    Each of the people said they went from having 2 and 3 minute averages on their site down to 1, 2 or 3 seconds and panic had started to set in.

    The snapshot looks like this:

    30day report error 1

    The issue is that in previous months, Google would have hh:mm:ss for the time on site, but they appear to have dropped off the seconds and now only have Hours and Minutes on the report (hh:mm)

    So a client, who previously had 2 minutes 31 seconds as a time on the site now “appears” on the report to only be 2 seconds.

    Not to fear, this doesn’t appear to be a Google Analytics error. This only appears to have affected the email alert (Google Analytics Snapshot) that got sent out via email.

    Hopefully Google will correct the issue for next month, and clients can all return to their normal 2 minutes+ on the report.

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