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Google: Is it the Best or Worst thing for SEO?

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    SEO_BigRedSEOAt Big Red SEO we believe knowledge is power, so often you will hear us discuss Google’s practices and how good or bad they are for internet marketing, and more specifically for SEO. Google has many rules for the websites they support through their search engine. They have their rules down to a science, literally, using algorithms to control which websites make the top cut and which don’t. However, their rules seem to change almost daily, making it harder and harder for companies, as well as search engine optimization consultants, to perform the work needed to keep their clients in the top ranks. Today our Big Red SEO experts are going to dive in and tell you why this is the worst and best thing for SEO.Recently, Google began to encrypt searches and has cut off all of the search data referral data. This sudden change was the absolute worst thing for SEO. However, Google does have a good reason. Google was trying to protect searchers and consumers from the NSA, by keeping their information private. This also caused Google’s AdWords to be featured first on searches for keywords. This is also positive!

    How do the changes help you?

    Google’s main focus is to stop spammers and provide the best information for their searchers. This is a very good thing, even though the way they accomplish this may seem frustrating at times, even for advanced SEO experts as the rules constantly evolve. Great news is that Google is just trying to help you, your website visitors, and potential customers find the exact products and services they are looking for. When you are knee deep in research and feeling a bit frustrated on how to understand search engine optimization remember this process will help you more than hurt you if you play nicely by the rules.

    Matt Cutts of Google Webspam has this to say:

    …make sure that you’ve got high-quality content, the sort of content that people really enjoy, that’s compelling, the sort of thing that they’ll love to read that you might see in a magazine or in a book, and that people would refer back to, or send friends to, those sorts of things…”

    Where do you go from here? Contact Big Red SEO Today!

    We know change can be a bit scary as far as you and your company are concerned but SEO is still as relevant as ever! It will take a bit more time to understand which at the beginning can appear to be a little bit harder than the old way of doing things. If you do not have the time in your day to learn this ever-changing world of search engine optimization you’re more than welcome to contact us at Big Red SEO. We have helped hundreds of companies determine the best next steps for their internet marketing plans while providing up-to-date information regarding search engines like Google, SEO, and getting to the top rankings of search engines. We would love to hear from you. Call us at 402-522-6468.

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