Google Glass Will Change Search: Are You Ready for It?

Search_Big Red SEOWe have all heard about the mythical Google Glass, and in 2014 it will finally grace us with its presence. The public will be able to purchase it. Are you excited?! The way Google Glass works is by voice recognition and looking through a tiny eyehole you are wearing like glasses on your head. The SEO experts at Big Red SEO are here to inform you how Google Glass will change search and to make you think how you can change your SEO strategies. This product is so new that we are not sure what exactly will happen yet; it is another BIG change Google has thrown at us!

Changes in Search

  • Google has the capability to hear music around it and identify the song. What if Google could also identity commercials, TV shows, and other sounds around it? Does the content on your website line up with your radio or TV commercials? If not, your website might not get pulled up at all.
  • When you search for a product or service on Google Glass, you will automatically get everything involved with it; like coupons, company details, reviews, different prices at different stores, nutrition facts, and so much more. Are your products and services optimized for this way of search?
  • Big Red SEO finds this next possible change mind-boggling. Google+ could outdo Facebook! Google+ is a very important part of Google Glass and the more popular it gets the more people will be sharing experiences on Google+ with their friends that also have Google Glass instead of on Facebook. This is just speculation of course, Twitter sure didn’t put an end to Facebook.
  • As search engine optimization experts we have always told you that videos are extremely important, however there was always some leniency – not any more. It has been determined that Apps and videos will be more important than they were before because it is much more enjoyable to play games and watch videos. The Google Glass will be taking it a bit further by indulging our visual sensations. You have to admit that watching a video is way more exciting than reading a bunch of text cards.
  • The search engine results page will no longer be a list of blue links; they will become inadequate. This is because Google Glass uses information cards instead of links that you can look at one by one, much like the knowledge graph Google already has. If you aren’t on the first or second card, most users will not see you. In terms of search engine optimization you will have to begin reaching for #1 rankings on less popular keywords to get noticed.
  • Here is what might be considered bad news for SEO; with Google Glass, search results are going to be much smaller because there is less room. Glass can learn from the personality type of the owner from their friends, contacts, and personal information. As Google gathers more information, it will be able to conjure up your tastes and desires in the results. This is why it could be bad news for your business, you may not even get a chance of showing up on someone’s personal Glass.

Share your Thoughts

Don’t freak out too much though! As search engine optimization experts we keep our skills sharpened and know how to handle the changes that happen as they come. Big Red SEO would love to hear your ideas. What do you think of this article? Do you agree or disagree? How do you think Google Glass will change search and what will you do to change your SEO because of it?

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