Google Penguin 2.0 – Biggest SEO Change Ever!

Big Red SEO - Google Penguin Update 2.0 The Mayans were wrong – the apocalypse wasn’t supposed to be December 2012, it was supposed to be May 2013! At least, that’s what you’d hear if you tuned into the world of Search Engine Optimization at the moment. Fortunately, life continues as normal here at Big Red SEO. As you continue reading, you’ll learn why our clients don’t have to worry about their rankings.

Only a couple of weeks ago, Google’s General in the war against web spam, Matt Cutts, announced that Penguin is coming back. Penguin 2.0, as it’s being called, is set to roll out this summer and will impact SEO even more thanPenguin 1.0. That was a couple weeks ago. Today, Penguin 2.0 is here.

Google Penguin – What 2.0?

For those of you who don’t know, Google Penguin is the name for a series of Search Engine algorithm updates aimed at eliminating the benefits of Black Hat link building. While there have been several smaller Penguin updates between the original and 2.0, none have had anywhere close to the same impact as the first roll-out.

The first Penguin update was so extreme that it literally drove several SEO companies into bankruptcy. Sites that had been ranking #1 for years plummeted into the dark depths of search-nothingness. Thousands of dollars and years spent on Black Hat SEO, all down the drain.

Hopefully you’re starting to get why other SEO Companies that practice black hat techniques might be freaking out. And in case you forgot, Penguin 2.0 is going to have a BIGGER impact than Penguin numero uno. So, if you’re one of our clients… Should you be worried? No! And here’s why:

Why Big Red SEO is Immune to Penguins!

Many Omaha SEO Companies fear the Penguin because let’s face it – they break the rules. At Big Red SEO, none of our sites were affected by the first of Google Penguin, and none of our sites will be affected by version 2.0. Why? Because we follow the rules. Our company focuses on making you an expert of your field, which leads to top Search Engine Rankings. If your website has recently dropped in the rankings like several of the phone calls we get weekly, than your current Company might not be following the rules Matt Cutts confirmed to have rolled out on May 22. See below for a few areas that were placed on the naughty list.

Automated Black Hat Tools

These are programs that build SEO links with automated bots. They’re usually used with “spun” content, which is when the same article or blog post is rewritten automatically using computer-generated synonyms. The end result is millions of pages of spammy garbage published across the Internet. Big Red SEO doesn’t use automated link building tools or content spinning, so we’re safe.

Misleading Advertorials

Google has very strict policies about how paid promotions must be disclosed to readers. These policies are in place to prevent abuse of paid links. Google wants all paid links to be clearly marked with a “no follow” tag for search engines, and some sort of disclaimer for readers. Again, as a top Omaha SEO Company, we actively seek to stay in line with Google’s policies – that’s why we know them so well.

Private Link Networks

These are sort of like the mass-manufacturing of Black Hat advertorials. They’re groups of sites built for the express purpose of selling back links. Generally, the websites promoted through these networks are irrelevant, and the sites within the network are low quality. Google aims to penalize this practice for good reason.

From these three primary targets, we can see that Google’s primary goal is to improve one thing: back link analysis. Luckily, the folks on Google’s web spam team are dedicated to put a halt to spammy SEO practices, and this update is aimed at helping them identify when those practices are being used.

If You’re Our SEO Client You Don’t Have To Worry – Here’s Why!

Because Big Red SEO doesn’t use any of these “Black Hat” SEO practices. We hate spam, and we’re not willing to pollute the Internet for the sake of short-lived rankings. Every single one of our SEO Clients rank through authentic, above-the-table SEO methods. Our basic methodology can be broken down to:

· Website Optimization – We make sure that both Search Engines (Google, Bing and Yahoo!) as well as your potential customers like your website.

· Keyword Analysis – We identify where your business could benefit from additional search exposure, and we make it happen.

· Content Marketing – We improve your website content to get more attention from Search Engines (Google, Yahoo! and Bing) and readers alike.

This is where we start with every new client. If extra promotion is needed, we don’t really do “back linking”. It’s more like building citations. As you can see, there’s nothing remotely unethical or outside of Google’s best practices going on here at Big Red SEO. We aim to bring your website and business more in line with Google’s policies and recommendations, not the other way around. This is why you never have to worry when cute cartoon animals like Penguins and Pandas rear their adorable little heads.

If you’d like to learn more about what we do at Big Red SEO give us a call (402) 522 – 6468. We’re happy to discuss what Search Engines such as Google want from businesses, and how you could be getting more leads from your web presence. Alternatively, you are more than welcome fill out our quick Request a Proposal Form and we’ll get in touch with you to talk more about your business and industry.

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