Google’s Matt Cutts Explains 100 links per Webpage is no Longer a Guideline in SEO

January 14, 2014
by Conor Treacy

    Good Links_ Big Red SEOMatt Cutts of Google came out recently with a video about the 100 links guideline. It used to be advised by Google to have 100 links (no more no less) per webpage in order to gain recognition from the search engine. However, that guideline has been dropped and was replaced with a “keep it reasonable” guideline. It was actually dropped in 2008, but many still do not realize this and worry about a penalty if the links go past 100.The web has grown over time and so have the webpages. It is not uncommon now to see 200- 400 links on a page. Matt is here to inform you that there is no limit, given that these links are all necessary, and are scattered around more content, pictures, and other relevant information. However, if these links get to be so overwhelming or distracting and begin to look spammy, Google will take action against your website. You do not want that.

    Matt also goes on to explains that your PageRank in Google is divided by the amount of links you have on one webpage. So the more links you have out, the higher your PageRank will be. This is what you DO want!

    To see Matt Cutts’ video visit Search Engine Land to find out more.

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    Conor Treacy


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