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Google’s Pigeon and the Move to Local Omaha SEO

Google Pigeon Omaha SEO_Big Red SEOThere’s no doubt that Google’s recent Pigeon update has thrown a monkey wrench into the works of many Omaha business’ search engine optimization strategies, but we here at Big Red SEO don’t think it’s wise to panic. If you’ve dropped in the rankings recently or your business website isn’t showing up at all any more in the SERPs you should be concerned, but rather than running around like the sky is falling, it’s more important to regroup and funnel your SEO efforts into proven strategies that enhance the online visibility of your company in local markets. Today our search engine optimization team will share a few tips for winning the local Omaha SEO game with customer reviews of your business.

Pay Attention to Details in Omaha SEO

Just because things have changed with Google recently doesn’t mean that everything you were doing before is worthless now. We’ve been performing SEO for years, and believe us, there are some fundamental best practices that don’t change, such as:

  • Managing your directory listings. If your business NAP (Name – Address – Phone Number) is different from directory to directory, this can greatly affect your search engine rankings. Read “Why It’s Important to Optimize Your Business NAP” for common reasons your NAP could be different in various directories and what our Omaha SEO team can do to help get your NAP up-to-date.
  • Using traditional on-page tactics. We’re always amazed by the simple things that many businesses don’t do to optimize their web pages. These include using heading tags in content and making sure every page has a title and meta description that incorporates focus keywords.

Get Reviewed for a Needed Bump

If you’re following Omaha SEO best practices and still aren’t seeing results, you could need the extra bump that comes from having your business reviewed. The simple fact is that the more information there is about your company that’s catalogued in various directories and on Google My Business, the better your online reputation can be.

People like to research the companies they choose to do business with before they buy anything, and reviews on sites like help to solidify your standing as a reputable business. This makes your business more attractive to both users and search engines and can give you a bump in the rankings.

The problem with reviews is that they’re not so easy to get. It takes a customer having a great experience with your business, and even then it’s a long shot to expect them to take time out of their busy day to write a review. To get more reviews, then, you can’t be afraid to openly ask for them.

After every customer interaction in which you’ve left a positive impression, guide your customer to the forums that you’d like to be reviewed in. Places like Yelp are great, but make sure to spread your review requests so every one of your listings has an equal number of reviews.

Contact Big Red SEO Today at (402) 522-6468!

Our team at Big Red SEO knows that sometimes the updates to Google’s search algorithm can leave Omaha businesses worried about their online presence. The important thing to realize, though, is that these updates happen for a reason, and that’s to make Google’s search results better for its users. If you find that your business website has dropped in the rankings after an algorithm update, we at Big Red SEO can help you! Give our Omaha SEO team at call today at (402) 522-6468 to set up an appointment.

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