Grow Your Newsletter Subscription List with Quality Content Creation
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Grow Your Newsletter List With A Two-Step Process

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    Business online marketing isn’t limited to just websites. Since this practice includes everything an Omaha business does online, email is a channel that needs to be properly optimized. Because social media gets so much attention in the press, many business owners are under the impression that it’s the best way to connect with people who are likely to become leads or customers.

    While there are definitely ways to use social media as an effective marketing channel, it’s far from being a silver bullet. In fact, one of the reasons that so many business owners feel frustrated by social media is they expect too much from this channel. Since the goal of online marketing is to help your business grow, you need the most effective way to turn online users into actual leads or customers.

    As many businesses have discovered, the best way to accomplish that goal is by getting them to your website. Once a visitor is on your website, there are a few ways you can go about converting them into a lead or customer. A very effective option is to get their email address. The reason that approach works so well is it makes it possible to build a relationship with that person.

    So instead of them visiting your Omaha business website once and then never returning, you will have a way to continue communicating with them. Depending on your specific business, having an email address means that you can send different kinds of content to build trust and then convert that person into a client or customer.

    Since email can help a business supercharge their online marketing efforts, Big Red SEO is often asked what businesses can do to get more out of the emails they send. Because the answer is really a two-step process, we want to go over both steps right now:

    Optimize Your Website to Collect Email Addresses

    If you want your business to get the best results from making email a key part of your business online marketing, you need to start by making email address collection a priority. The best way to do this is by optimizing your website around this goal. There are plenty of businesses who put a single signup box in their sidebar and then wait for addresses to start rolling in.

    Unfortunately, since online users are constantly bombarded with information, getting people to type in their email address and submit it requires something a little more compelling. If you’re in a B2B market, offering a free report or similar type of content in exchange for an email address can work well. And if you’re in a B2C market, a coupon or freebie will give people a reason to provide their email address.

    While offering something of value in exchange for email addresses will definitely help you collect more of them, keep in mind that you still need to get people to take notice of what you’re offering. That’s why so many sites are now using pop-up boxes for email collection. If you’re worried about a pop-up disturbing visitors, you can go with one that only shows up when someone is getting ready to leave your site.

    Another option for ensuring that people see your email signup box is to include one at the end of a blog post. Based on what the post is about, you can include a closing call to action that says if readers want more free information on the same types of topics, then they should be sure to sign up for your email list.

    4 Tips for Sending Marketing Emails to Your List

    When you request your web designer to add optimized email signup boxes to your site, you will start to see more people signing up for your list. Although getting more addresses is a great start, it’s important to remember that it’s just step one. In order to convert as many of those people as possible into clients or customers, you need to take the right approach to emailing them.

    Because email is such a direct form of communication, it’s important to test different strategies and see what works for your specific industry. Since the best approaches to business online marketing via email can vary based on industry, we want to provide a few helpful tips to get you started in the right direction.

    The first tip is to send an email shortly after people sign up. This will help you set the right tone for your email efforts. The second tip is to email subscribers on a consistent basis. Although it’s unlikely that you’ll want to send numerous emails a week, don’t make the mistake of waiting weeks or even months between emails.

    The next tip is to always focus on providing value. By giving people something useful when they open your emails, you’ll build goodwill with them. Finally, the last tip we want to share is don’t be afraid to ask for the sale. Once you’ve gone through the process of providing value and building trust, you need to explicitly ask people to become a client or customer. Even though not everyone will take you up on this offer, asking is the best way to maximize your conversion rate.

    Get Expert Business Online Marketing Help: (402) 522-6468

    Whether you are interested in updating your website design to help collect more email addresses, want to bring in more traffic through SEO or are in need of other help with business online marketing, Big Red SEO can provide what your business needs to thrive online.

    One of the reasons that so many Omaha businesses turn to us for online marketing help is we’re fully focused on helping businesses grow and improve their bottom line. So if you’ve been looking for an online marketing company that understands the importance of delivering a solid ROI, call Big Red SEO today at (402) 522-6468 to discuss what we can do for your business.

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