Is “Hidden Text” Bad for Omaha Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization_Big Red SEOHere at Big Red SEO, our ultimate goal is to teach our website visitors, prospects, and clients all things internet marketing. We strive to help people who are new to SEO understand the value of following the industry’s best practices. In addition, we love explaining how internet marketing can help your overall return on investment (ROI) online. Today, our search engine optimization experts will be discussing a bad SEO practice called “hidden text,” follow along with us below.

What is Hidden Text? Why Is It Bad?

Hidden text refers to the approach that webmasters will take to hide certain content from users, while at the same time making it crawlable to search engines. In many cases it involves text color being matched with the website’s background color. When this technique is performed the website visitor will not notice the text unless they click and drag their mouse up or down the page to highlight the hidden text.

Using the hidden text technique on your site could lead to your website being penalized by search engines. Even though hidden text is considered a black hat SEO technique, it’s still extremely popular in the SEO world, especially for those who perform “old school” SEO practices. We receive phone calls often from companies who attempted to take the quick and easy way and found themselves in the search engine “sandbox” all alone. If you’re considering using hidden text in your website, we recommend thinking twice as a penalty is a long and stressful ordeal. Not only will your website be removed temporarily from the search engines if the black hat SEO is severe, but your company could be removed from the search engine results pages (SERPs) completely.

Why Do People Use Hidden Text?

As with all black hat SEO, this type of practice is very short-sighted. The websites that use techniques such as “hidden text” might get short-term traffic due to the hidden keyword stuffing–however, they will not receive quality traffic to their website, causing the bounce rate percentage to be through the roof!

Contact Our Omaha Search Engine Optimization Company Today

At Big Red SEO, we recommend being honest with your website visitors. Shady SEO practices will not make you the industry authority, or help sell your product or service. If you trick people by using hidden text, you could risk the chance of losing a potential customer.

For any additional questions regarding hidden text feel free to give us call at (402) 522-6468. Here at Big Red SEO, our SEO experts strive to provide all the resources you need to determine the best next steps for your Omaha search engine optimization campaign. We utilize white hat SEO techniques and have been successful at bringing websites in all industries out of hiding.

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