How to Brand Your Business Without Breaking the Bank

Marketing Checklist_BigRedSEOIf you own a business but shy away from branding—whether you think your company isn’t big enough to benefit from it, it’s too expensive, or it takes time that you can’t devote–our SEO experts at Big Red SEO want to urge you to take another look at this mysterious but necessary area of marketing. Not only is branding one of the most important areas you can focus on to make your business a household name to your customers, it’s also something you can do without a huge allocation of money or resources. With a bit of knowledge, energy and creativity, small business owners can make compelling brand statements that have the power to take their businesses to the next level!In this post, our Big Red SEO team in Omaha will lead you through three important steps to take when initiating a successful branding campaign.

1. Business, Know Thyself

What’s true in life is true in business—in order to provide others with compelling reasons to include you in their everyday lives, you need to know and be able to articulate what you offer. This goes beyond just knowing what you do or sell, or having an idea for a logo.

Big Red SEO knows branding your business successfully involves knowing who you are and what you stand for on every level. Every business has a story, one full of surprises and struggles, twists and turns, and knowing this story is central to connecting your business to your customers. Every visual or content aspect of your message, from your logo design to the look of your website to how your verbal content sounds, should reflect a part of your brand’s story.

2. Work with a Designer Who Knows Their Stuff

If there’s one thing to drop a bit of money on when it comes to business branding, it’s hiring a designer who has experience in the field. There are a number of services available now that have this expertise and can give you great results at a price that’s more reasonable than you may expect.

What you don’t want to do here is go cheap and do it yourself, or worse, have that neighbor kid with a bit of Photoshop experience design your logo. It may seem easy to do, but logo design is an art that takes serious knowledge, care, and craft to be effective in communicating your brand’s message to the masses. If you don’t lay the groundwork for your branding campaign properly with an effective logo, you may end up having to completely redesign it later.

3. Make Sure Your Branding Remains Consistent

Once you’ve taken the time to design a great, memorable logo that speaks to who you are and what you do as a business, the next step is making sure that your brand (and all the elements that go along with it, such as color, font personality, etc.) is clearly visible across any platform you do business in. Customers like consistency—it shows that you’ve crafted an image of your company that’s worth keeping, that you’re organized and thus more trustworthy, all while building customer familiarity.

In short, when you’re designing anything for your business, from a web or mobile site to the interior of a physical store, you want every experience your customer has interacting with your brand to feel like it’s coming from the same place. Nothing is more off-putting than mixed messaging that comes from a sloppy branding strategy.

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